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10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Shoot Right Now

Jul 12, 2018 | Boudoir

You’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but you’re nervous about being photographed in your underwear by a stranger. Perhaps you’re waiting until you’ve lost a few more pounds. Or you’ve convinced yourself that boudoir shoots are only for women in their twenties and you’re too old, or not pretty enough, or it would be selfish to spend that amount of money on yourself. Does any/all of this sound familiar? Whatever the reason for putting it off, here’s ten reasons why you SHOULD book a boudoir shoot right now…

Why should I book a boudoir shoot? Ten reasons to book a boudoir shoot with UK Boudoir photographer, Tigz Rice, featuring Miss Deadly Red
Miss Deadly Red

Why Should I Book a Boudoir Shoot?

1. Do it for yourself; not anyone else. “Just because” is the best reason of all in my opinion. You don’t need to wait for an excuse to book a boudoir shoot, like a wedding present, achievement or anniversary – you can do one just because YOU want to. Your images don’t have to be for anyone else, and you can keep them as a longstanding reminder that you feel good, you look good and there’s no one else like you out there. You really are unique and beautiful, and you’re worth celebrating!

2. Honour your body’s journey. Have you ever taken a moment just to stop and think about how incredible your body is? What it is capable of achieving? What it is capable of recovering from? There is no greater way of honouring your beautiful body than documenting its journey throughout the seasons of your life. For some, that might be the beautiful process of ageing. For others, it might be honouring pregnancies, documenting your body before and after extensive medical treatment and/or helping you re-connect with your physical form after a life-changing event. Boudoir client Christen Williams booked a boudoir shoot to document her body before a BRCA2 preventative double mastectomy. Her advice to anyone thinking about booking a session of their own? ‘Do it. Now. Don’t wait for a body part to be removed before capturing your beauty. Do this for you. Put yourself first. Love yourself. You never know what life will throw at you, good or bad. 

3. Empowerment is paramount. Taking part in a boudoir photoshoot is such an empowering experience. I won’t deny it can be nerve wracking getting in front of camera whilst baring a little more skin than you’re used to, but with the right photographer, lots of friendly pre-shoot conversation, your favourite music playing and plenty of posing guidance to flaunt your greatest assets, those nerves will disappear within seconds. Whichever pronouns you prefer, the privilege for me is that it’s in my power to make you feel empowered, confident, strong and sexy as hell, whilst we document your fabulous self in all your glory. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you learnt to harness that empowerment into other areas of your life too!? Client Alexandra said ‘I feel really powerful looking at them, I really mean it when I say you’ve actually given me so much confidence. Not sure if you’ve noticed, I’m now posting more pictures of myself.’

Why should I book a boudoir shoot? Ten reasons to book a boudoir shoot with UK Boudoir photographer, Tigz Rice, featuring Sally Rand Tribute, Jolie Papillon at Fontaine's, London
Jolie Papillon

4. Right now, you are enough. RIGHT NOW! I’ve photographed clients of all ages, shapes and sizes and they all have felt fearless and incredibly beautiful in front of the camera AND in their images after. You don’t need to lose/gain weight, change shape, tone up or wait until you’ve dropped a clothes size to take part in a boudoir shoot. You aren’t defined by any number; be that on the scales, in the back of your clothes or how many years you’ve been in the world. You’re beautiful and deserve to realise that you ARE enough.

5. There aren’t enough pictures of you. For those who are always behind the camera; there need to be more photos of you in the world that you’re proud of and happy to have. Let’s put you in front of the camera and create a moment in time that you can revisit time and time again and feel wonderful. Many clients have commented that after a boudoir shoot, they feel more comfortable in candid snaps as they know how they can position themselves or their ‘best’ angle. As a boudoir photographer with over a decade’s worth of experience in making women, femmes and no-binary folx feel incredible in front of the camera, I have plenty of boudoir pose ideas to get the very best from you.

6. Encourage positive thinking. We’re so often thinking negatively about our bodies, and that voice in our heads can sometimes be louder than the positive one. We wouldn’t body-bash our best friend, or our daughter, or our mum; so why do we think and/or say such things about ourselves? A boudoir shoot is a cemented step forward in changing your inner monologue. A boudoir shoot is a gift to yourself that you can hold onto and carry with you forever.

Why should I book a boudoir shoot? Ten reasons to book a boudoir shoot with UK Boudoir photographer, Tigz Rice, featuring burlesque performer Jessabelle Thunder.
Jessabelle Thunder

7. Do something cool to tell your grandkids. Or your own kids. Or complete strangers! One of my most treasured memories is meeting the burlesque legends at Burlesque Hall of Fame, viewing their beautiful signed 10×8 pinup prints available for sale and hearing all about their life experiences, both on stage and behind the camera. I tell you what, when I grow up I want to be as cool as they are! A boudoir shoot is the perfect way to create a saucy little anecdote or conversation starter without heading into full scandal terrtority – although I’m here for the scandalous too if you’re game!

8. Its a great excuse to treat yourself to some fancy lingerie! When you book a boudoir shoot with me, I’ll ask about your wardrobe and what you want to be photographed in. Perhaps there’s a lingerie set you’ve been trying to justify buying for a few seasons now, or a corset, a full length statement sequin gown! As part of your booking confirmation, I will send you a 24-page welcome pack with lots of tips and advice on how to prepare for your boudoir shoot, including a list of my favourite boudoir lingerie ideas to suit every budget. There’s even a few special discounts included.

9. A boudoir shoot experience is solely yours. Of course, you can share the images with someone else, such as your significant other (or perhaps a significant lover?!), but at the end of the day, it’s you that gets to benefit from the experience of being in front of the camera. Why not make some memories that are just for you.

10. There is no better time than NOW. Honestly, you have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Or next week. Or next year. Live for the moment – exist in your present. There really is no better time for a boudoir shoot than right now!

Why should I book a boudoir shoot? Ten reasons to book a boudoir shoot with UK Boudoir photographer, Tigz Rice, featuring Laurel's Virtual Boudoir Shoot in Amsterdam
Laurel’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Looking for some boudoir shoot ideas and inspiration? Here’s a link to my boudoir photography portfolio of past clients to pour over. If you want to then know what some of these ladies have said about working with me, read my testimonials. To whet your appetite, Pupin De Vert said;

“If you ever get the chance to let [Tigz and Miss Victory Violet] work their magic on you…DO IT. It was an amazing experience which has allowed me to feel more and more comfortable in front of a camera. Seeing my 56 year old self portrayed like this reminds me that it’s important to see images of older women. Ageing is a privilege which not everyone gets to experience, but it can be a challenge…the ‘women police’ are out in force and like to tell you what is and isn’t ‘appropriate’, and you can feel disempowered, de-sexualised, invisible or judged – Burlesque, modelling and proudly wearing my grey hair have all help me to feel that there is no ‘right’ way to get older. I have learnt that for me, that this means you never stop learning, experiencing and pushing yourself to do new things. ”

Ready to book your own boudoir shoot with me right now?

I can’t wait to spend a day with you!


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