15 Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas To Inspire You

Feb 17, 2021 | Boudoir, Burlesque, Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Hello, gorgeous! Thinking about booking your very own Virtual Boudoir Shoot but worried about whether or not your space is photo-worthy? On the hunt for some virtual photoshoot location ideas to inspire you? Look no further, darling, I’ve got you covered!

One of the most regular comments I’ve been seeing recently on my socials is “‘I’d love to do a virtual photography session Tigz, but I just don’t think my home is clean / tidy / big / fancy enough for me to do a photoshoot” – and I’m here to show you with some of my client’s own virtual shoot images that, honestly, whatever space you have access to, we can absolutely make it work.

A Virtual Boudoir Shoot In Your Bedroom

Let’s start with the most obvious location for a virtual boudoir session – your own boudoir! A luxury headboard, accompanied by a bedside table adorned with a lamp, offers a perfect set up. Equally a modest headboard with some fresh new sheets, some statement cushion covers and a runner, blanket or faux throw can turn any bedroom into a fancy boudoir. Raid the linen drawer, steal some soft furnishings from your living area or treat yourself to a bargain from somewhere like Homesense, Dunelm, The Range or IKEA. I recommend grabbing a laundry basket and moving all of your trinkets out of shot for an hour. You may even want to experiment with a slightly different furniture layout for the afternoon…

Virtual Photoshoot Location - A Virtual Boudoir Shoot In Your Bedroom
Hedy West’s virtual photoshoot in the boudoir

Virtual Shoot Ideas For Plain White Walls

If a decade as a boudoir photographer has taught me anything, it’s that natural light on plain white walls offers gorgeous results! Take this remote photoshoot session with Liz aka The Stories Underneath, who shot in the corner of her bedroom, illuminated by a nearby window. The natural light bounces off the deep green sheets and creates a gorgeous muted tone on the walls, tying the overall tones of the image together perfectly with the earthy base colour of her Edge O’ Beyond lingerie set.

Virtual Photoshoot Location - Virtual Shoot Ideas For Plain White Walls
Liz aka The Stories Underneath’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Facetime Photoshoot By The Window

Anyone else obsessed with Venetian Blinds? This simple set up creates incredible pattern and texture for your virtual session and is great for a Facetime Photoshoot, where the native camera LOVES strong contrast. This particular image was taken on an overcast day, but if you happen to be blessed with hard direct sunlight during your session, you might even be able to achieve a film noir look with the shadows cast by the individual slats of the blinds!

Virtual Photoshoot Location - Facetime Photoshoot By The Window
Ivy’s Facetime Photoshoot

Remote Photoshoot Against A Statement Wall

Got a statement wall in your home? Why not make a feature out of it during your remote photoshoot! Pick something from your wardrobe in a complementary colour – like this Love and Swans lingerie set on Cora – for a harmonious colour effect, or go full statement with a monochromatic photoshoot. Perhaps this might also be the perfect excuse you’ve been looking for to raid the local DIY store!

Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas - Remote Photoshoot Against A Statement Wall - The Lingerie Addict
Cora AKA The Lingerie Addict’s remote photoshoot wearing Love and Swans Lingerie

Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas: Your Sofa

Check out this stunning sofa-based virtual session with Chicago burlesque performer Shimmy La Roux! Teamed with some leopard print cushions, Shimmy’s soft grey sofa makes a perfect neutral background to pose against – with a little extra monochromatic texture provided by the geometric wallpaper art artwork behind. Ps. Did anyone else spot the beautiful vintage camera print?

Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas - Chicago burlesque performer Shimmy La Roux
Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas – Burlesque Performer Shimmy La Roux’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Practise Your Boudoir or Burlesque Floor Work

Who says you need fancy furniture to rock your virtual boudoir shoot? Some of my favourite virtual photography sessions recently have been all about the floor work, making the most of a faux fur rug of showing off fancy parquet flooring. You could also surround yourself with gorgeous leafy plants for added texture.

Practise Your Boudoir or Burlesque Floor Work
Sarah’s Remote Photo Shoot

A Virtual Shoot In The Fireplace

Speaking of fancy floor work, if you live in a home with a fancy fireplace, why not pose in front of it?! The mantlepiece acts as a great frame for your body – whether you’re standing, sitting, reclining, or your feet are up on the mantlepiece giving me ultimate pinup poses – and you can bring in something as simple as a vase of fresh flowers for both decoration and as a prop.

A Virtual Shoot In The Fireplace - Laurel's Virtual Boudoir Shoot
Laurel’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot in front of the fireplace

Epic Virtual Shoot Location Idea: Your Garden

Looking for something completely out of the box? Why not shoot outdoors! Client Anne decided to bare all for her virtual boudoir shoot, with me photographing virtually from the pier of a lake by the woodlands at the back of her home. Realistically, as long as you have a decent signal and plenty of data allowance – or access to outdoor wifi – the sky really is the limit when it comes to your virtual shoot! Oh, and good battery life!

Epic Virtual Shoot Location Idea: Your Garden
Anne’s Epic Virtual Shoot Location

Virtual Photography In A Hotel / AirBNB

Local restrictions permitting, have you considered renting a hotel or AirBnB for your virtual boudoir shoot? From chic and decluttered to full statement wallpaper, why not have a little search in your local area for a space that inspired you and use it as an excuse for a full day of pampering. And hey, if there’s a significant lover in your life, you could always take them with you and make a saucy overnight stay of it! Most hotels are usually OK with shoots in the privacy of your room, but please make sure to get permission if you want to use public areas, and check the host guidelines if you’re renting an AirBnB.

Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas - Virtual Photography In A Hotel / AirBNB with The Siren
The Siren’s Virtual Photo Shoot

Boudoir Poses To Try On The Stairs

Limited on space? A great virtual photography location – believe it or not – is your staircase! The stairs provide gorgeous leading lines, depth of field and plenty of texture, whilst the different heigh levels allow for a variety of supported poses, like this killer shot of burlesque performer Mayo Lua De Frenchie in nothing but fishnets, killer heels and some Swarovski pasties! Don’t forget to give your stairs a good vacuum before your FaceTime sessions!

Boudoir Poses To Try On The Stairs - Mayo Lua de Frenchie's Virtual Boudoir Shoot © Tigz Rice Ltd 2020.
Burlesque Photography with Mayo Lua de Frenchie

Creative Virtual Shoot Location Idea: A Million Candles

All credit to client Anne for this one, who emailed me asking if I’d be up for a golden hour virtual shoot in her guest room with a giant gilded mirror and ALL the candles! I believe in total this is about 30 pillar candles – cream ones for better white balancing in camera – and they kicked out a perfect amount of light to illuminate her beautiful body as the sun went down outside. General fire safety rules apply here – keep your candles away from anything flammable and make sure you have everything you need to put out a fire should one accidentally start!

Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas - Creative Virtual Shoot Location Idea: A Million Candles
Candle Lit Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Frame Yourself With An Arch or Doorway

I’m a huge fan of posing in doorways, both for the backlighting opportunities as well as the killer framing! Fill the doorway with your presence in a power stance or seductively lean against the frame arching your back to create some killer boudoir silhouettes. Alternatively, show off your flexibility with a pose like this one modelled by burlesque superhuman Helena Handbasket,

Chicago Burlesque Performer Helena Handbasket's Virtual Boudoir Shoot
Chicago Burlesque Performer Helena Handbasket’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Fancy A Drink?

Everyone has that one room in their house that they’re particularly proud of, and if you’re lucky enough to have a mini vintage cocktail bar in your home, then why not take inspiration from burlesque performer Stormy Heather rocking a roaring 20s inspired bar set up in her home for her second virtual photoshoot with me. As Stormy’s home looks like this most of the time, it was literally a case of moving some plants into the shot to add a little texture and balance out the composition. What’s your favourite room?

Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas - Burlesque Photography with Stormy Heather
Stormy Heather’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot © Tigz Rice Ltd 2020. http://www.tigzrice.com

Virtual Shoot Ideas For Small Spaces

Worried that your home might be too small to be a virtual photoshoot location? Fear not, because we can make even the smallest of spaces work. Lori’s Virtual boudoir shoot took place in the 1m gap between her bed and the window, and we managed to get everything from standing, sitting and kneeling poses, to this incredible shot of her killer heels against the edge of the bed. In fact, you can read all about Lori’s virtual shoot experience here.

Virtual Photoshoot Location Ideas -
Virtual Shoot Ideas For Small Spaces: Lori’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Virtual Boudoir In The Bathtub

Enjoy a little tub time? Why not have your virtual boudoir shoot in the bathtub. You could opt for a trendy milk bath with lots of fresh flowers floating on the surface, or opt for a sheer murderess style robe with fabric cascading out of the bath and all around the room. Alternatively, you could take inspiration from Eros&Indigo here and create some beautifully tasteful nudes in and around a claw foot tub. Water and bubbles optional!

Eros & Indigo’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot in the bathtub


Now that you’ve got the inspiration for a Virtual Photoshoot Location, make today the day you book your Virtual Boudoir Shoot with me! I’ve also covered lots of boudoir shoot FAQs here – and don’t forget if you sign up to my mailing list in the sidebar of this post, you will also receive a free digital copy of my “Rock Your Boudoir Shoot PDF”


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