Vintage Pinup Makeover Shoots with Miss Victory Violet at Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg Goteborg © Tigz Rice 2018.

6 Non-Lingerie Boudoir Outfits to Try on your Next Shoot

Apr 3, 2019 | Boudoir

Lingerie; not your thing? Looking for alternative ideas for your boudoir photo shoot? Sit down and make yourself comfy, because this blog post is packed full of ideas to help you find non-lingerie boudoir outfits as unique as you are…

A Statement Gown. Do you know what looks good in the boudoir? A completely over the top statement dress! Head to toe sequins, sheer panelling, epic thigh splits… If the dress demands attention, bring it to your boudoir shoot. You don’t have to spend a fortune on dresses like this either – check out your local charity shops and even eBay for some great bargains.

non-lingerie boudoir outfits -Vintage Pinup Makeover Shoots with Miss Victory Violet at Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg Goteborg © Tigz Rice 2018.
Marion Massacre

A Voluminous Robe. A luxurious robe with infinite quantities of tulle can be the icing on a cake for a boudoir shoot. As well as looking fabulous in it, you can utilise your robe as a posing accessory in the boudoir by draping it around you, or even lounging in a rolltop bath surrounded by clouds of floofy fabric… You can get them in a variety of colours, styles and lengths to suit your tastes. A great UK based robe designer is Rosie Red Corsetry.

non-lingerie boudoir outfits - Inspiring accounts on Instagram: Fuller Figure Fuller Bust lingerie shoot © Tigz Rice Studios 2018.
Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Your Favourite Wiggle Dress. Want to flaunt those curves without showing a lot of skin? How about bringing along your favourite wiggle dress. This figure-hugging style will cinch you in and cling in all the right places to give you curves for days. You glamourpuss you!


Bodysuit: Chemise and bodysuits have seemingly had a resurgence in the last 18 months or so, so there’s now a range of sizes and styles to suit everyone’s taste. They can be used to cover up any areas that you’re self-conscious about and can be super flattering to all body shapes. Backless, laced, straps, with fluted sleeves, spaghetti straps or mesh panels…

non-lingerie boudoir outfits - Gaby Gregorian © Tigz Rice Studios 2016.
Gabriela Gregorian

Tailoring. Why not step completely outside the box with some tailoring! I LOVE this tuxedo ensemble that burlesque performer Felicity Furore put together for one of our boudoir style shoots a few years ago. The tailoring offers a figure flattering shape and with slightly more opaque stockings, there is very little skin on show. Other tailored non-lingerie boudoir outfits could include corsetry over dresses or robes, which is another of my favourite styles.

non-lingerie boudoir outfits - Felicity Furore © Tigz Rice 2017.
Felicity Furore

Nude: Love the skin you’re in? Lets celebrate it! Implied nude is not as awkward or daunting as you may think – and we can wrap you in a satin sheet, drape you with curtains, or pose you on a quilted throw or faux fur rug. You really do look that good, and this shoot will capture that forever.

MisSa Blue

Ready for your moment in the spotlight? With three boudoir packages to choose fromplus a virtual shoot offering – find your perfect package and then get in touch via the contact form with some preferred dates. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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