Anonymous Boudoir Photos: It Could be You!

Feb 19, 2020

Always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but have concerns about being recognised in your photos? Sit down and make yourself comfy, because today’s topic is all about anonymous boudoir photos and I’m here to help you fulfil your boudoir dreams whilst working around your concerns!

First and foremost, let’s talk about CONSENT. Whoever you choose to share your boudoir images with, be that with the world, a significant other, a lover, or just for your eyes only, it’s important to me that you have full control over your images and if/when they are shared. My default consent status setting for all boudoir shoots is ‘private’ unless you specifically give consent in writing for me to share them. Equally, I will always respect your decision to keep your images private – I’ve done a few boudoir shoots myself that don’t exist on the internet, so I completely get it!

That said, maybe you’re sat there right now thinking about the thrill of having some sensual boudoir images and showing the world how fabulous your body looks, but don’t want anyone else to be able to tell it’s you. Perhaps you have a career that requires confidentiality, or personal circumstances that require some anonymity online. Maybe you just want your smoking hot body to be the focus of the image so you can slide into your lover’s inbox on a random Tuesday afternoon and spice up their day! Whatever your requirements, I’m happy to cater to them; and this blog post is full of example anonymous boudoir images I’ve shot over the past decade that could be the inspiration for our next shoot together.

My favourite anonymous boudoir photos

anonymous boudoir photos - burlesque performer Didi Derriere

The great thing about anonymous boudoir photos is that you can dare to bare as much or as little as you like, like this image above. You can use your hair or hands to hide your face or a prop such as a hat. It works particularly well for showing off toned backs and killer butts too! I’ve popped another example of a similar shot with J below too.

anonymous boudoir photos

Or how about a voyeur style shoot? I love this photo set where I’ve shot through a slightly open door into her very own boudoir. Using the wooden doorframe to almost entirely conceal her face, this could also be shot to fully conceal her identity and focus solely on the body.

Joanna Woodward boudoir lingerie series 'voyeur'

We can also try shooting from different angles; just look at how incredible E’s toned legs look here? E wanted to focus on her killer legs and calves as part of her bridal boudoir shoot, playing with natural light to highlight the definition of her muscles. Legs for absolute days!

anonymous boudoir photos

I can also use my skills as a photographer to play with light and shadows, creating artistic silhouettes to flaunt your greatest assets whilst protecting your identity. This image of is another one of my favourites…


And here’s another…

Helena Dawson: London's Irish Redhead photographed by Hertforshire UK Personal Branding Photographer Branding By Tigz © Tigz Rice Ltd 2021.

If you’re a detail lover, we could even get in closer and focus on specific areas, such as the curve of your hips, the silhouette of your breasts, or your legs and feet in heels and stockings. I can also crop any images in the retouching stage to only show below your jawline, for a hint of tease. They won’t be able to see who the subject is, but you’ll know it’s you!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways we can shoot anonymous boudoir photos together – and don’t forget, if you’d prefer to keep them for your eyes only, they can be our little secret!

Fancy some anonymous boudoir photos of you? It would be my pleasure! Slide into my DMs with your privacy concerns and we can discuss options of how to flaunt your greatest assets, whilst keeping this our little secret.


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