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Boudoir Hair Ideas for your Next Shoot

Apr 24, 2019 | Boudoir

Any boudoir photographer will tell you there are two questions we get asked more frequently than any others. The first is usually asking for help with posing – which I cover in detail here – and the second is asking for help with hair and make up!

Hair and make up is a very personal choice, and with so many styles and options available, perfecting your boudoir hair and make up can feel daunting, especially if you don’t feel that comfortable weilding a pair of super hot curling tongs an inch from your scalp! I want you to look and feel amazing on the day of your boudoir shoot, which is why all of my boudoir packages come with complimentary professional styling. I want you to look and feel like the very best version of you, and my team of hair and make up artists are on hand to make that happen.

My stylists can take as much or as little input from you for what look you’d like to go for at your shoot. Got a solid idea in your head of what you want? Great! Alternatively, they are always willing to suggest styles they think would suit you.

As there’s quite a lot to cover, I’ve split this blog post into two posts, one for hair and the other for make up. For boudoir make up ideas, click here. For boudoir hair ideas, read on! 

Upstyles: Upstyles are great for all day shoots, hair that struggles to keep a curl, or for clients with fine hair (like my own) who can use a little bit of backcombing and a few well placed sponges to give the appearance of additional volume. Both upstyles shown here are definite statement hairstyles and suit an edgier boudoir look, so bare this in mind when pairing an updo with your outfit of choice. For something a little softer and more romantic, check out some down-do’s below.

Boudoir hair Blossom and Buttercups

Blossom & Buttercups

Boudoir hair Miss Miranda

Miss Miranda

Short Hair: You might be thinking there’s not a lot that can be done with short hair, but here’s an example of a great style Miss Victory Violet did for Lady La Rose on our last makeover tour in Gothernburg. Adding a stament curl or two creates a wonderfully polished look.

Boudoir hair Lady La Rose

Lady La Rose styled by Miss Victory Violet

Mid to Shoulder Length Hair: Probably the most versatile of lengths when it comes to styling, shoulder length hair can be coiffed into glamourous Hollywood 1940s waves or set into 1920s finger waves to match the era of your shoot. Blossom & Buttercups is shown here with probably the most requested hair style of my clients, with flower hair accessories finishing off the look perfectly.

Boudoir hair Wilhelmina Af Fera

Wilhelmina Af Fera

Boudoir hair Jessabelle Thunder

Jessabelle Thunder

Boudoir hair Didi Derriere

Didi Derriere

Boudoir hair Blossom and Buttercups

Blossom & Buttercups

Long Hair: Whilst longer hair can be harder and more time consuming to style, just LOOK at this glorious boudoir hair coiffed on Marion Massacre by Miss Victory Violet on our last tour in Gothenburg. I’ll pre-warn you now though, this hair style needs a LOT of hairspray to defy gravity is probably the pushing the limits on length for a vintage set. For those of you out there with Rapunzel-worthy locks, I’d suggest opting for a loose 40s inspired wave.

Boudoir hair Marion Massacre

Marion Massacre styled by Miss Victory Violet

Hair Extensions: No matter what your hair colour, there’s always a hairpiece to match! If you’ve got a hairpiece that you want to wear for your boudoir shoot, let us know. I can make sure a stylist is adept at styling and fitting them. Make sure your hairpiece is clean, suitable for heat styling and in good condition. We can discuss this at your initial consultation.

Boudoir hair Fuller Figure Fuller bust

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Full Wig: Fancy something completely different for your boudoir hair? You could always opt for a full wig! It is worth investing in a decent quality lace front wig for a more realistic looking hairline, and ideally pre-styled. Necia’s Hairstyling and Carl Brown both offer amazing wigs.

Boudoir hair Wilhelmina Af Fera

Wilhelmina Af Fera

Au Natural: Blessed by the hair gods? Why not rock your boudoir shoot just as you are! Whilst my stylists will be available with a little product or hairspray if needed, sometimes the au natural look is just what your boudoir shoot requires!

Boudoir hair Cora The Lingerie Addict

Cora – The Lingerie Addict

Boudoir hair Helena Handbasket

Helena Handbasket

Inspired? Get in touch and let’s put a date in the diary! Make sure you also have a read of these blogs to find out what you should wear and some inside information about how to pose – time to get excited!


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