A Boudoir Shoot With Miss Victory Violet

Aug 25, 2021

The other day, whilst working on my blog schedule for the rest of the year, I was taking a little look back through my list of blog posts for inspiration and suddenly had a gasp moment. Although I’ve posted loads of gorgeous content created with the lovely Miss Victory Violet at our Boudoir Makeover Days over the years… I haven’t actually posted any shoot content of the incredible Miss Victory Violet herself?!

Well, of course, this needed to be rectified immediately, so today it is my pleasure to bring you some images from our first boudoir styled shoot together at Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg.

Miss Victory Violet wears What Katie Did at Hotel Pigalle © Uk Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice 2018

What do two creatives do when they know they’re going to have some free time in a stunningly decorated hotel room? Make the most of it and plan a boudoir shoot, of course! Miss Victory Violet had brought with her some pinup lingerie that she knew would go perfectly with the decor, so whilst I was photographing our last boudoir client of the day, Miss Victory Violet polished herself to perfection for a fun evening shoot! With dusk falling outside, it was the perfect time to capture the glow from these bedside lamps, with a touch of additional lighting from the Elinchrom D-Lite heads I had brought with me.

Miss Victory Violet wears What Katie Did at Hotel Pigalle © Uk Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice 2018

Miss Victory Violet and I had shot together a few times before this one, but always in full vintage clothing as influencer content for commercial use, so it meant a lot to be trusted with creating these gorgeous boudoir images, that at the time were a step outside of her comfort zone. But not for long, as it turned out it wouldn’t be too long before a boudoir shoot became a staple part of our travel plans. In fact, even I had a go on the other side of the camera once!

Miss Victory Violet wears What Katie Did at Hotel Pigalle © Uk Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice 2018

It’s been a good couple of years now since I’ve toured with Miss Victory Violet – living on opposite sides of the planet during a lockdown, plus negotiating Brexit has definitely put a stop to making any plans! However, I’m hoping that once life returns a little bit closer to what normal was, I’ll get to make it over to New Zealand for a visit – and who knows, maybe some Boudoir Makeover tour dates might happen..,

Loving these boudoir images of Miss Victory Violet?

Why not treat yourself to a little wall art from my print store, where you can currently find two 12 x 8 prints from this Hotel Pigalle series.


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