How to Find a Location for Your Boudoir Shoot

Jan 8, 2019 | Boudoir

I adore getting to work in new locations: the travelling, discovering new places and challenging myself out of my comfort zone with different lighting conditions. There are always new and exciting venues popping up every week – and I also love getting to hear from people about a place they’ve found and suggest shooting in too, as boudoir can and will be taken everywhere! If you’ve got a boudoir shoot coming up, here are some ideas to help you find a truly unique location for your boudoir shoot…

Betsy Rose burlesque performer at Kings Head Private Members Club London
Miss Betsy Rose

CHECK OUT YOUR CONTACT LIST: Do you know anyone who owns/manages/works in a cool venue? Do YOU work in a cool venue? Reach out to your contacts and see what they can offer you as a location for your boudoir shoot. Bars and restaurants are usually closed to the public during the day, but staff will be in preparing for the night shift, so these types of venue are definitely worth asking and might offer a swap for a skill (like performing there), a small fee, or you may even find they’re willing to let you use the space for free. You will never know unless you ask!

CLOSER TO HOME: I’ve also photographed in clients’ homes in the past. Being at home can feel less intimidating for some clients, as well as giving an extra little slice of self-identity to your boudoir shoot. Try moving a little furniture around, giving the room a spring clean and adding some plants, cushions or a luxurious throw for a spot of texture. Alternatively, if the idea of shooting at home fills you with fear, maybe reach out to a friend with an envious room in their home and negotiate to cook (order in) their favourite dinner or a bottle of something in return for a few hours of use!

Ruby Deshabille water for elephants location shoot with Tigz Rice
Ruby Deshabille

BRAVE THE OUTDOORS: Feeling adventurous? Find a little remote spot in the world where you know our shoot won’t be disturbed. This can be tricky as you will find people in the strangest of places, and you’d also need to be sure you weren’t trespassing on to private land. You’ll also need to keep an eye on the weather forecast, but when the weather gods are on your side, epic shoots can happen.

AIRBNB: There are LOADS of affordable boudoirs and lounges available out there that would make an AMAZING location for your boudoir shoot. Ornate bathrooms, high ceilings, original features, floor to ceiling windows with a view to die for, an opulent fireplace or open plan room with a circular staircase… anything with a four-poster bed or roll top bath gets thumbs up from me too! In Paris last year Miss Victory Violet and I shot in a Parisian Apartment with a hand-painted ceiling covered in Botticelli style cherubs! Just be sure to check with the host that it’s OK to photograph in their property; their permission is important (from experience, most of them tend to be pretty cool about it!)

Gerogie Glamour with hair and make up by Miss Victory Violet at Tigz Rice at Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg
Georgie Glamour

BOUTIQUE HOTELS: It’s also worth a little search for boutique hotels or B&B’s in your area. If you pick one in a central location, you could always make an evening of it and take your hair and make-up out on the town afterwords. Have a photoshoot with me in the early afternoon in your hotel room and then head out on the town. Many of my clients opt for this one, and I don’t blame them!

Inspired? Once you’ve settled on a location for your boudoir shoot, get in touch and let’s put a date in the diary. Check out my pick your perfect boudoir shoot here and then sashay into my inbox with your preferred date. Make sure you also have a read of these blogs to find out what you should wear and some inside information about how to pose – time to get excited!


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