Gender Inclusive Lingerie Brands To Wear For A Boudoir Shoot

Apr 28, 2021 | Boudoir, Lingerie

A couple of weeks ago a client asked me for some help researching androgynous and/or gender-inclusive lingerie brands for their Virtual Boudoir Shoot with me, so over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been having fun exploring the internet for a range of options to suit different boudoir styles. From ‘I woke up like this’ loungewear to full boudoir glam, there’s a beautiful variety of options out there and it makes for a fabulous list, so I thought I’d pop it up here on the blog for you – with links – to help you pull together your very own gender-inclusive lingerie collection and prepare for your next boudoir shoot with me. I’ve also included any sustainability information I’ve found along the way, in case this might be an important factor in your decision-making!

Right now, I am super aware that most of the lingerie brands included in this list are US or Canada based, although I will update periodically as I find more gender-inclusive lingerie brands in the UK and further afield to support this list. Equally, if you can think of any brands that I might have missed that are worthy of a mention, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me so I can add them!

Gender-Inclusive Lingerie Brands - Jenny Deadly's Virtual Shoot with UK Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice.
Jenny Deadly’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot with UK Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice

Gender-Fluid Lingerie Range from Cantiq

US-based gender-inclusive lingerie brand Cantiq was founded on a vintage sewing machine set up in the corner of designer Chelsea Hughes’ kitchen in the spring of 2015. Based on a founding principle that lingerie shouldn’t be constricted to popular beauty standards, Chelsea decided to not only expand Cantiq past straight sizes into plus sizes but also started her own size range defined as “more room” to further the inclusivity of the brand, while still maintaining the handcrafted quality that began on that vintage machine in her kitchen. I recommend checking out the Genderfluid range, which offers a selection of gorgeous boudoir worthy pieces in a range of gender-inclusive sizing – I particularly LOVE their Gender-Fluid La Dolce Vita Bodysuit.

‘I woke up like this’ boudoir styling by Tomboy X

Looking for that perfect ‘I woke up like this’ boudoir loungewear look? Look no further than Tomboy X. When founders, Fran and Naomi, started TomboyX out of their garage, they did so because of one simple fact – they wanted underwear that fit who they are, not who others told them to be, It soon became very clear very quickly that they were not alone. From adaptive underwear to super-soft pyjamas in a super-impressive and gender-inclusive 3XS-6X size range, to striving to make their supply chain an ethical example for the rest of the industry, Tomboy X really do offer eco-friendly fashion for all. They also have an entire section of their website dedicated to. FAQs on sustainability and ethical standards, from how they work with living wage factories to supporting their community and employees through good work and fair labour practices. LOVE IT, There are so many items I could recommend from their site, like their miz and match Rainbow Pride Stripes collection – it’s gorgeous!

Gender non-conforming boudoir wear by Rebirth Garments

Founded during the summer of 2014 by Sky Cubacub – a non-binary queer and disabled Filipinx human from Chicago, US – Rebirth Garments creates gender non-conforming dancewear, clubwear, swimwear, lingerie and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability. Challenging mainstream beauty standards that are sizeist, ableist, and conform to the gender binary; the brand focuses on Radical Visibility, using bright colours, exuberant fabrics, and innovative designs to highlighting those that society typically shuns. If bold statement boudoir fashion is your thing, I recommend checking their shop – in particular, their sheer mesh crop tops and holographic briefs!

Ethical luxury lingerie from Moot Revolution

Jules Parker founded UK based lingerie brand Moot Revolution to address the missing garments that he was looking for himself. A lover of fabulous underwear, lace, luxurious fabrics and style, Jules wanted to find fantastic pieces that would fit his own body. Thus began a four-year-long process of designing, prototyping, sourcing fabrics from the best suppliers, extensive testing and learning everything needed to realise his vision. Moot Revolution is founded on strong ethical practices – describing themselves as ‘proudly not the cheapest’, the brand prides itself on paying fair prices for materials they know to be responsibly created by family businesses, as well as providing their team of seamstresses in Yorkshire with a living UK wage. Although this relatively new brand is currently advertising itself as ‘for men’, I had a chance to speak with the brand whilst writing this and they have mentioned they are actively taking steps towards gender inclusivity, which is really exciting. Thank you to Darren in the comments for introducing me to the brand!

Gender-affirming boudoir lingerie from Origami Customs

Looking for the ultimate in bespoke lingerie? Canada based slow fashion brand Origami Customs offers people of any size, shape, age, ability and gender expression a safe way to have customized items that meet their needs. From longline binders and ouvert gaffs to strappy thongs, each gorgeous item is individually patterned for a perfect fit – even coming with the promise that if it doesn’t fit, they’ll alter it for free! Founder Rae specialises in making gender-affirming products for folks of diverse genders.  As a Non-Binary Queer Femme with a Transmasculine partner,  Rae cares deeply about the needs of the community, which is why the brand offers completely customizable handmade swimwear, lingerie, and more for people across the gender spectrum. Origami Customs is an ethical, values-based company, using sustainable manufacturing. Fabrics are chosen for their closed-loop manufacturing and sustainability and are either deadstock. locally milled, recycled polyester or regenerative bamboo. Everything is sewn in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal by a small team and a partner co-op.

Upcycled Boudoir Lingerie by Laura’s Under There

Want to look good & feel great while helping to save the planet? Winnepeg, US-based Laura’s Under There not only provides unique, limited edition underwear for all body types, but for every pair you buy, a pair is donated to someone in need. That’s right, founder Laura Everett makes upcycled, genderful & fun underwear that not only covers your butt but someone else’s too! Made exclusively from upcycled jersey & stretch knit material, these custom comfortable undies are doing their part for environmental sustainability whilst providing boudoir worthy underwear for all- with a wide size range (XXS-4X), using gender-inclusive language, and being intentional about including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and unconventional standards of beauty as much as possible in as many aspects of the business as possible, from production to marketing.

‘Unmentionables’ Gender-Inclusive Lingerie collection by Boy Smells

in 2018, US-based highly spirited, full-bodied scents brand Boy Smells, launched their first collection of intimate apparel for the genderful, Unmentionables. Made for all genders and all sizes, Boy Smells light jersey underwear are made in Peru from luxurious, locally grown Pima cotton and dyed with an eco-friendly process to a palette of neo-natural colours. The unmentionables collection features tops to hug the natural curves of the body, and bottoms available with either a ‘pouch front’ or ‘flat front’, leaving you to determine the best fit for your needs.

Boudoir-Worthy Boxer Briefs from Lucky Skivvies

If you’re a fan of playful patterns and eye-catching colour, then New York-based brand Lucky Skivvies needs to be top of your list to check out. Founder Kadesha created the brand to provide comfortable, form-fitting and stylish gender neutral boxer briefs and loungewear for all. Featuring gorgeous boudoir shoot worthy prints and gender-neutral sizing charts. their sizes range from US S-3XL and they are all made with 95% breathable Cotton and 5% Spandex and even feature a little convenience pocket. Lucky Skivvies plan to release several items in stages such as Socks, PJs, Binders, Swimwear, Robes, accessories and other items, with a long term goal to grow enough to be able to create jobs and opportunities for people in the LGBTQIA+ communities and expand their charitable arm.   

Add a little boudoir sparkle with NineMuses

Looking for a touch of sparkle to really make you pop in the boudoir? Why not take a loot at Nine Muses, a lingerie and accessory brand based in Brooklyn, NY that celebrates individuality through unique designs that are accessible to all. Founded by conceptual artist Lea Polizzi, each custom piece is handcrafted with materials that embody fierce style and luxury. Offering gender-inclusive sizing in S-XL (which covers US 2-14) Nine Muses is the perfect place to find gorgeous chain sets, harnesses and bedazzled pieces that would perfectly compliment any boudoir lingerie. Or maybe dare to bare all whilst dripping in sparkles!

Found the perfect lingerie?

Now it’s time to book your very own boudoir shoot! Whichever pronouns you prefer, the privilege for me is that it’s in my power to make you feel empowered, confident, strong and sexy as hell; whether you want to mark a life milestone, reward a personal achievement or simply document your fabulous self in all your glory. Slide into my DMs via the contact page and let’s have a chat!



    Hi Tigz! Does Moot count? It’s marketed as ‘lingerie for men’ but I like to think that that also includes ‘lingerie for people assigned male at birth’. It’s a little pricy for my pocket, but some of it is really nice!

    • Tigz Rice

      Hey Darren! What a great recommendation! I’ll add them to the list now. They’ve actually just reached out via Instagram a few minutes after this comment was left, so I’ve taken the opportunity to bring up the subject gender inclusive language with them! 🙂

    • Moot lingerie

      Hello! It’s Moot here, although we launched with a range for the masculine form, we are delighted to help anyone who feels that the shape is right for their body. We are also developing fem fit versions of our designs so that all bodies can feel represented. It takes time, just keep your eye on us! We will do all that we can for all of our lovely clients without any judgement on sexuality or gender.

  2. Barbara French

    Could my dream come true one day ?

    I do live part time as a women as well.
    I’m fond of glamorous atmospheres and outfits. Your work is plenty of charm and absolutely beautiful.

    I do live in France and your studio brings me to tears when I read everything you propose. I’ve downloaded your guide and begun to imagine what could be a photoshoot with you.

    Thanks for make me dream.

    • Tigz Rice

      Hey Barbara! Absolutely dare to dream! Pre-Brexit I used to travel to Paris once a year to offer boudoir shoots. Once lockdown is a thing of the past, I’ll be looking into the possibility of booking in another trip!

  3. Barbara French

    Nice to read you ! I’ll be glad to book an appointment. Take care. Love from France. Barbara.

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