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Apr 7, 2021 | Boudoir, Burlesque, Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Hello gorgeous! If you’ve found this blog post then chances are you’re either thinking about booking a virtual shoot, or you’ve booked one with me already (yay for you!) Since virtual photography is a relatively new concept, this blog post brings together all of my favourite resources on how to prepare for a virtual shoot and help you make sure you have everything you need for your session, from technology setup, lighting and plenty of inspiration for picking a virtual shoot location, to boudoir styling tips and tricks.

How to prepare for a virtual shoot - Virtual boudoir shoot advice from internationally acclaimed UK boudoir photographer Tigz Rice - featuring virtual photoshoot client Charlotte
Charlotte’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot

What exactly is a Virtual Boudoir Shoot?

My Virtual Boudoir Shoot package is a photographic offering I put together during the Covid-19 lockdown in order to defy geographical limitations and help us to connect, celebrate and create beautiful art together from anywhere in the world. Connecting via the native cameras built into your smartphone – or a compatible DSLR camera tethered to your laptop, it was originally designed to nurture creativity in your own space, re-connect with your body, to try something new and fill your social feeds with social digital joy. However, as technology has expanded and adapted to meet the requirements of this new digital creative platform – and the world slowly embraces life after lockdown – it has created infinite new possibilities to explore virtual photography beyond the realms of your home boudoir, or even your local area, with shoots taking place in unique hotels, AirBnBs, photography studios and outdoor locations all around the world. Honestly, the possibilities are endless – all through harnessing the power of your smartphone and a wifi connection!

What technology do I need for a Virtual Boudoir Shoot?

You might be surprised to find out that you actually have everything you need for a virtual photoshoot already in your home! All you need is a steady internet connection, a connected device with a reasonably decent camera on it and some form of stand/tripod or balancing device to hold your device in place during the shoot. Mobile phones usually work best (unless you happen to have access to a DSLR so we can shoot full RAW image files) and we will connect using an app like CLOS, Shutter or Zoom. When you book your virtual boudoir shoot with me, I will ask you about the equipment you plan to use and will send you step by step instructions on how to connect with me when it’s time for your session. So don’t worry, even if you’re technologically challenged, I’ve got you covered!

How to prepare for a virtual shoot - Virtual boudoir shoot advice from internationally acclaimed UK boudoir photographer Tigz Rice - featuring Chicago burlesque performer Shimmy La Roux
Shimmy La Roux’s Virtual Shoot

How do I find Virtual Photoshoot Locations?

Not sure where to pick for your virtual boudoir shoot? Honestly, we are limited only by cellular/wifi access and your imagination! (Well, that and any location fees and/or permissions!) Is there a little space on this planet that makes you feel most alive? Do you love your home and want to show off your interior design skills? Alternatively, maybe you want to get away from it all, book a luxury hotel room or AirBnB and make a mini-break out of the experience? 

I’ve written an entire blog post about finding a location for your boudoir shoot to help inspire you – and you may find this blog post with 15 virtual boudoir location ideas useful too. Still stuck for ideas? I’m always happy to suggest boudoir-worthy photoshoot locations wherever possible. Let me know what you have in mind and we’ll work together to find the perfect fit!

Do I need lighting for a FaceTime shoot?

When it comes to lighting for your virtual shoot, I usually suggest picking a time that is compatible with daylight hours in your location so you don’t need to worry about lighting at all. However, if your shoot location is naturally quite dark, or we’re shooting in Autumn/Winter, or there are no windows at all, then most of the time, we can get creative with available light sources such as lamps or candles, or if you have a ring light or something similar at home, we can absolutely work with that. If you’re new to photography lighting and want to invest in something to see you through a range of photo shoots and possibly even begin creating your own online content, then something like this portable, dimmable softbox kit from Neewer on Amazon might be worth investing in as a starter kit.

How to prepare for a virtual shoot - Virtual boudoir shoot advice from internationally acclaimed UK boudoir photographer Tigz Rice - featuring virtual shoot client Laurel
Laurel’s FaceTime Shoot

What should I wear for a Virtual Boudoir Shoot?

One of the most common questions I get asked is what to wear to a boudoir shoot – which isn’t too surprising as for many of us dressing for a boudoir shoot goes beyond the realms of our day to day wardrobe! Clothes on or clothes off, everyone has a different reason for wanting to be photographed in the boudoir. No two people are the same, and it’s really important to me that you feel empowered to choose an outfit for your virtual shoot that reflects your personal level of comfort. Whether you’re rocking a floor-length vintage ballgown, your fanciest lingerie, your birthday suit, or anything in-between, I’m here to make you look fabulous!

As a good starting point, I recommend picking out two or three full boudoir outfit options, plus a pair of killer heels (or two), a murderess robe (see Siren’s purple Catherine D’lish robe) and some dazzling costume jewellery, as well as any sentimental props you might want to place within your shots on the day. Ps. There’s also an entire boudoir outfit planning checklist in my free Prepare for Your Boudoir Shoot PDF guide that you can find on the home page of this website!

Should I book Hair And Make Up?

There’s nothing better than a full pamper session before a shoot in my opinion, which is why I recommend setting aside a couple of hours before your session to invest in a good self-care session before your moment in the spotlight. I am always happy to recommend professional hair and makeup artists where possible – my own resident stylists all have cruelty free (and vegan where possible) styling kits and can work to your skin’s individual care needs, as well as discussing any allergies you may have. That said, some clients prefer to visit their own tried and trusted stylists beforehand, or you might feel confident doing your own. Whichever option is right for you, make sure you give yourself a good pamper session before your moment in the spotlight. You deserve to feel amazing! Here are some gorgeous boudoir hair ideas to inspire you – featuring a mix of up and down styles for different hair lengths. I’ve also included some boudoir make up ideas for you as well

How to prepare for a virtual shoot - Virtual boudoir shoot advice from internationally acclaimed UK boudoir photographer Tigz Rice - featuring burlesque performer Moscato Extatique
Moscato Extatique‘s Virtual Boudoir Shoot

Do I need to practise my boudoir poses beforehand?

Nope! A little body awareness does help but is 100% non-essential for you to spend time perfecting your boudoir poses before a remote photo shoot. We’ll start with a handful of my go-to boudoir poses as inspiration, though I’m always secretly working with your own body language in between poses to make the shoot and poses unique to you. There’s something so powerful in natural movement that when you do something naturally that looks incredible, I’ll say ‘freeze!’ and we’ll shoot it. It will be the most fun game of sleeping lions you’ve ever experienced!

How do I book a Virtual Shoot?

I’m so glad you asked! Now you know how to prepare for a virtual shoot, deliver some unicorn mail straight into my inbox through the contact form with your preferred dates and we’ll get you booked in straight away! I recommend booking early to make sure you get the date you would like. Generally speaking, my diary tends to book out about 6 weeks in advance, although occasionally last-minute boudoir sessions are available so it is definitely worth an ask!

Need more advice on how to prepare for a virtual shoot?

Hopefully, I’ve covered all your burning questions in this post, but don’t forget, you can also find a wealth of information on my Virtual Boudoir Shoots page – as well as a scroll-worthy amount of Boudoir FAQs for your reading pleasure.


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