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How To Save For a Boudoir Shoot

Aug 18, 2021 | Boudoir

Do you know what the most common comment left on my social media posts is? “One day, I want to be able to afford a shoot with you, Tigz.” And I totally understand why. Boudoir photography is a luxury experience – an incredible, life-affirming, confidence-boosting experience – that more often than not sits farther down the financial priority list than covering your rent or the weekly food shop. And whilst I can give you 10 excellent reasons right now on why you should book a boudoir shoot right now, perhaps right now the concept of a boudoir shoot might seem like a stretch right now. That said, you’d be surprised how a few small changes to your lifestyle could save you enough money. With this in mind, today’s blog post is dedicated to helping you find a way to save for a boudoir shoot so that, by this time next year, we’ll be celebrating your moment in the spotlight together with some glorious, life-affirming boudoir images of you!

How to save for a boudoir shoot with Tigz Rice - top saving tips from UK Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice

Create a separate boudoir shoot fund

First things first, it’s time to create a separate money pot for those boudoir savings! If you have a bank account that lets you create separate pockets of money within the app, create one now called ‘My Boudoir Fund’. Alternatively, you could set up a separate savings account with your bank where you transfer all your fun funds. It is so much easier to save when the money is separate from your regular current account as you’ll be less tempted to dip into it.

Payday Pocket Money

Just been paid? Before you splash out on those payday treats, why not skim a little off the top of your pay packet and pop it directly into your boudoir shoot fund. You could even set this up as a monthly regular payment so you don’t even have to actively sort the transfer. As an example, if you can manage £25 a month, you’ll be saving £300 a year towards your next shoot

Ask for a gift voucher for your birthday/Christmas

Know exactly what you want for your present this year? It’s time to leave some not-so-subtle hints! Tell your friends and family your goal is to save for a boudoir shoot with me and ask for a donation to your boudoir shoot fund. Alternatively, you could point your loved ones directly at this link so they know exactly where they can buy you a gift voucher to experience some boudoir joy!

Cancel those subscriptions

Have a little audit of your monthly subscriptions… do you really need Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Disney+ AND Prime? No, probably not. Cancelling those monthly subscriptions between seasons of your favourite show can easily save you £6-7 per month, per subscription. The same goes for your productivity apps, gym memberships and cinema passes you’re not currently using right now.

Haggle with your utility and insurance providers

This is my absolute favourite one as I always manage to save a good few hundred pounds per year with a small handful of calls. My personal favourites are car insurance, content’s insurance, duel fuel and broadband providers. Get your cute butt over to your favourite comparison website, create a like for like quote and then ring your provider and ask them if they will match it, If they won’t match? It’s time to switch! Average annual savings? Usually around £300-350 per year, with most of it being from the car insurance.

Swap out your daily coffee

I see you, caffeine lover! You might not be able to get through the morning without your favourite chai latte, but prepping one at home for your daily commute instead of popping into the coffee shop could save you around £3 per day, or £15 per working week, or £780 per year. Pop that in your boudoir fund and you’ll be posing in front of my camera in no time!

Sell your unwanted clothes

You know those gorgeous clothes that still have the tags on in your wardrobe? Perhaps its time to admit defeat and get them listed on a second hand clothing site like Facebook Marketplace, Vinted or eBay. I actually did this with my wardrobe a couple of years ago and manage to make over £400 in a couple of weeks. Not bad for some old clothes, eh?

Abandon your online shopping basket

Got something you do actually NEED to buy? Why not try abandoning your shopping cart and seeing if they send you an email an hour or two later? Make those cookies work for you, gorgeous! Alternatively, I also love the Honey extension ∆ for the Chrome internet browser, which scours the internet and finds as many voucher codes as possible and automatically picks the best code for you.

Round up those pounds

Buying something that costs £9.57? Some banking apps offer a service that rounds up the pounds for you and can pop those extra pennies straight into your boudoir savings fund. Whilst its not the quickest way to save, it most certainly is the easiest – and you honestly won’t notice it leaving your account.

Try the 1p savings challenge

Like the idea of saving some pennies? Why not try the 1p challenge, where on Day One you save 1p, Day Two you save 2p, and so on until you hit day 365 of the year. Want to know how much you’ll have saved by the end of the year? £667.91!

Ask Tigz About Boudoir Shoot Instalments

Finally, if you’re someone that prefers the structure of paying in instalments and having some accountability, you can also ask me about paying for your boudoir shoot over a series of smaller payments. Want to know more? Pop me an email via the contact page and we can see what we can arrange for you!

How much does a boudoir photo shoot cost?

Click this way, gorgeous! Let me tell you more about my current boudoir shoot packages.


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