Immodesty Blaize Nude Boudoir pink Tigz Rice Studios

Immodesty Blaize: Nude Boudoir

Feb 10, 2015 | Boudoir

Immodesty Blaize Nude Boudoir lingerie couture | Tigz Rice Studios

Finally out of the secret archives, I’m really excited to be able to publish these Jayne Mansfield inspired nude boudoir images of Immodesty Blaize, which were shot back in 2014 for the February 2015 special edition of Tease And Cake Magazine! Immodesty Blaize and I were originally approached by the vintage inspired pin up magazine back in January of 2014, asking if we’d be interested in shooting a set of exclusive implied nude images for the cover and centrefold of the issue. Having worked with Immodesty Blaize only a few months before in London, I knew it would be a brilliant day and between us we set a date in the diary.

Immodesty Blaize Nude Boudoir at Eaton House Studios | Tigz Rice Studios

The shoot took place at Eaton House Studios, a fantastic neon pink house hidden away in the quiet and unassuming village of Tiptree. Images of the venue had been doing the rounds on social media only a couple of days before, so when I found out this would be our venue for the shoot it was pretty hard not to tell everyone I bumped into over the next few days! The house is a kitsch lover’s dream photography location, complete with glitter wallpaper, playboy bunnies, fairy lights, adorned mannequin busts and statues of unicorns in the garden. Every single surface of the house is photogenic so it was pretty hard not to walk around taking photos of everything and popping them up on Instagram!

Immodesty Blaize Nude Boudoir in Nipple Tassels and Feather boa | Tigz Rice Studios

Whilst Immodesty settled into hair and make up with talented Vogue and i-D hair stylist Robin Pawloski, I started setting up my Elinchrom Quadras in the Jayne Mansfield inspired boudoir upstairs. Quite possibly the pinkest room I have ever seen, it was lit really well with natural light throughout, using just the modelling light to subtly lift some of the shadows. The Quadras once again came into their own with the limited space around the bed and removing the need to be near a power supply. For quite a large portion of the morning, I was actually sat inside the sliding doors of the mirrored wardrobe. Oh, the glamorous life of a photographer!

Immodesty Blaize Nude Boudoir at Eaton House Studios | Tigz Rice Studios

Over a period of about 90 minutes, Immodesty and I worked on a series of images in a number of different fashion and lingerie looks, as well as a series of tasteful nudes. Tease and Cake Magazine had only asked for around eight images for the magazine, but with such an incredible location I don’t think any of us were in a hurry to stop shooting! Working our way through Immodesty’s impressive collection of Agent Provocateur, Sparklewren, Charlotte Olympia, Whitechapel Workhouse, Alexander McQueen and Wolford, we ended up being on location for a full day, working through multiple looks in several of Eaton House’s stunning rooms – including our Sophia Loren tribute in the green living room that I posted on the blog a few months back.

Immodesty Blaize Boudoir at Eaton House Studios | Tigz Rice Studios

A massive thank you to Eaton House Studios for accommodating us and looking after us so well on the shoot day! Here are some of my favourite images from the Jane Mansfield inspired nude series. Copies of Tease And Cake’s special edition can also be purchased here.

Immodesty Blaize Nude Boudoirat Eaton House Studios | Tigz Rice Studios

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  1. Jon Harper

    Stunning work! Reminds me of Sophia Loren. Beautifully captured!

  2. Lady Catalina

    I personally think that these are the absolute BEST pictures I’ve ever seen of the wonderful Immodesty!! I love them. Every element of these pictures is just perfection. Amazing job by photographer and model X

  3. Ganesh Ekavade

    Inspiring Images Specially the window natural lighting

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