Introducing Outdoor Boudoir Shoots with Tigz Rice

Jun 30, 2020

Hello, gorgeous! Its officially 100 days since lockdown began in the UK and, with social distancing measures being tentatively relaxed in England, I celebrated today with my first in-real-life boudoir shoot since March! Due to government restrictions, we were shooting outside today – and of course it had been raining all morning – but it was as if Mother Nature knew my mental health needed this shoot to happen today, as the skies cleared up for just long enough for us to get our outdoor boudoir shoots on. Honestly, it felt so good to be back behind the camera that I cried happy tears all the way home in my car. After more than a decade working as a boudoir photographer, this job still brings me so much joy and I’m grateful that opportunities to shoot are slowly trickling in again as we begin to adjust to #TheNewNormal.

With outdoor shoots being the most accessible form of boudoir photography at the moment, I’ve suddenly realised this is an area of my portfolio I don’t shout about very often (well, almost never) and so I’ve created a dedicated Outdoor Boudoir Shoot page with all the details you need to book yourself in for a shoot with me. I also thought I’d take a moment to delve into my archives to show you some example images from my extensive boudoir, burlesque and fashion photography back catalogue that have taken place outdoors.

I love working in new locations and the challenges of being pushed me out of my comfort zone! If you’re ready to embrace #TheNewNormal and want to emerge from lockdown with some brand new, empowering outdoor boudoir images to share with the world whilst maintaining all of the necessary social distancing measures, please get in touch. My arsenal of boudoir photography skills can and will travel. Let’s find a truly unique location for your shoot and make some memories.

Outdoor Shoots Gallery

Inspired? Book your own shoot with me today – check out my Outdoor Boudoir Shoot packages here and then drop me an email with any location preferences and your preferred dates. I’m so excited to hear from you!


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