Art of Boudoir Natural Light wearing What Katie Did lingerie

Boudoir: Natural & Artificial Light

Mar 22, 2015 | Boudoir

Art of Boudoir Natural Light wearing Betty Blue's Lounger

There are two glorious boudoirs in the attic at Photography Farm. One is a four poster double with full length freestanding mirrors, multiple windows and infinite light pouring in from a skylight. The other boudoir has almost a complete wall of stunning original feature windows. Great light, but only from one direction. It is considerably harder to shoot in, as last year’s attendees of my Art Of Boudoir masterclass found out! When given the opportunity to take individual ownership of the shoot in the afternoon shooting session, the workshop naturally gravitated towards the brighter room with Luna. This year, however, I wanted to make sure all attendees of the Art Of Boudoir masterclass had a go at photographing in both rooms, facing the more difficult lighting conditions head on. Why? Well, because finding the perfect lighting conditions doesn’t always happen. Placing one model in each room, the workshop attendees would then need to divide their time between the two boudoirs and find a way to take control of both lighting conditions. This also came with the added incentive of offering them a wider variety of options for their boudoir portfolios!

It was just about possible to rely on a high ISO in the darker boudoir, but to make things easier for the workshop attendees I had brought my Elinchrom Quadra lights along for them to play with. I arranged a one head flash set up which would compliment the natural back lighting from the window. Rather than having the light directly facing the model, the softbox was turned around and angled up towards the sloping ceiling to spread the light out and achieve a softer effect. Passing the Skyport trigger around the room, everyone had a chance to have a go with the flash set up.

Here are some of my favourite shots of Felicity Furore using a mix of flash and natural light. Felicity is wearing a corset and bra from What Katie Did and dressing gown from Betty Blue’s Loungerie.

I also shot some natural light boudoir images of Felicity, which can be found here.

Art of Boudoir Natural Light wearing What Katie Did lingerie
Art of Boudoir Natural Light wearing What Katie Did lingerie
Art of Boudoir Natural Light wearing What Katie Did lingerie
Art of Boudoir Natural Light wearing What Katie Did lingerie

Want to join me for my next Art of Boudoir Masterclass? All of my upcoming masterclasses and workshops can be found right here. I can’t wait to work with you!


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