What is a Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot?

Mar 2, 2021

Hello, gorgeous! If you’ve stumbled upon this maternity section of my blog via the powers of Google, there’s a high chance that congratulations are in order! Welcome to the wonderful world of maternity boudoir photography. I’m so glad you’re here: grab a cuppa, make yourself comfy and read on…

Bea's Maternity Boudoir Shoot with UK Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice Ltd 2020 | Hertfordshire Boudoir Photographer

What is Maternity Boudoir Photography?

Maternity boudoir photography is the art of documenting how incredible, beautiful and truly powerful you are during your pregnancy, whilst honouring your journey and the physical changes you experience as you reach a new milestone of bringing new life into this world. It is an opportunity to boost your confidence as you re-connect with your incredible body and embrace your new curves and beautiful silhouette, all whilst creating beautiful memories and stunning photos that will last a lifetime.

What if I’m not feeling super glamorous right now…?

It is completely normal to feel a little disconnected with your body right now – your primary focus over the last few months has been growing your tiny human and making sure it has everything it needs when it arrives, whilst experiencing a huge number of changes emotionally as well as physically. On top of all that, you’ve also most likely been battling societal expectations of how a pregnant body is meant to look or act – as well as the normal worries of whether or not you will be a good parent (spoiler alert: you absolutely will be) and feeling incredibly vulnerable in the process.

Imagine how it would feel to put all of that aside for a day and experience a dedicated pamper day where the focus is 100% on you, your power, your sensuality and your body’s ability to bring life into this world. Take a moment right now to remind yourself that you deserve to feel empowered, confident and sexy in your pregnant body. I repeat… you DESERVE to feel empowered, confident and sexy in your pregnant body. My goal as a maternity boudoir photographer is to help you achieve all this, through an incredible experience and beautiful photos you’ll be proud to show off afterwards.

Victoria's Virtual Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot with UK Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice Ltd 2020 | Hertfordshire Boudoir Photographer

Where does a maternity boudoir shoot take place?

The shoot can take place in a location of your choosing, giving you complete freedom to control where your photoshoot takes place and allowing us to create something completely bespoke. A lot of my maternity photoshoot clients opt to shoot in their own home where they’ve been nesting, whilst others choose a fancy hotel and plan a fancy meal (or a night in with room service) afterwards with their significant other. The choice is completely up to you!

What happens on the day of the photoshoot?

On arrival, we’ll get you settled into hair and makeup with one of my resident professional stylists for the full makeover experience. It’s important to me that you look like you on your very best day, so you’ll spend about 90 minutes being pampered and made to feel like royalty. I’ll pop on some music, we’ll have a good chat and before you know it, you’ll be slipping into something glamorous ready for your moment in the spotlight!

The shoot itself is quite a physical process, so we’ll aim to shoot for about 60-90 minutes depending on your comfort levels, giving you plenty of time for an outfit change! Working from your natural body movements and nuances, I’ll guide you into poses that showcase your bump, highlight your curves and enhance your favourite assets. We’ll put on some of your favourite music, have a dance between poses and have lots of fun, making this an experience you’ll remember forever.

Ivy's Maternity photoshoot with UK Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice Ltd 2020 | Hertfordshire Boudoir Photographer

What does it feel like to do a Maternity photoshoot?

Want to hear from someone who’s experienced a maternity boudoir shoot first hand? Here’s a snippet from the incredible Bea, who recently booked a maternity photoshoot with me (you can read the full interview here – as well as finding some incredible maternity boudoir outfits inspiration!)

I had such a fun day with Tigz. I booked the day off work and had a lovely morning doing my hair and makeup, not being in a rush like I usually am so I felt glamorous, relaxed and ready. When Tigz arrived I showed her some ideas/outfits I had and she directed me the whole way through. She was so professional, patient and helped me with outfit changes etc as mumma couldn’t bend down to put the heels on haha. It’s incredible that she just knows how to position you to get such great shots and your best angles.

When should I book in for my Maternity Photoshoot?

I usually recommend aiming for around the 7-month mark, which tends to be that sweet spot between having a gorgeous bump to show off, but still having the energy and feeling comfortable enough to pose for 60 minutes. We’ll work within your comfort levels and physical limitations to create some glowing portraits you can treasure for years to come.

Bea's Maternity Boudoir Shoot with UK Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice Ltd 2020 | Hertfordshire Boudoir Photographer

How do I book a maternity boudoir shoot?

Ready to book? Simply head on over to the contact page and fill in the contact form with your contact details and any preferred dates, and I’ll be in touch as soon as humanly possible to confirm your session. Don’t forget, you can also get your hands on a free digital download of my Welcome Pack – a 24-page guide packed to the brim with lots of helpful tips and advice on how to prepare for your shoot – in the sidebar to the right of this blog post. The guide also includes a list of my favourite boudoir worthy lingerie brands to suit every budget!

How much does a boudoir photo shoot cost?

You can find the answer right here, gorgeous! Once you’ve picked your preferred package, send me a message via the form on the contact page and we can find a way to make you feel like royalty from within the safety of your home.


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