You’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but you’re nervous about being photographed in your underwear by a stranger. Perhaps you’re waiting until you’ve lost a few more pounds. Or you’ve convinced yourself that boudoir shoots are only for women in their twenties and you’re too old, or not pretty enough, or it would be selfish to spend that amount of money on yourself. Does any/all of this sound familiar? Whatever the reason for putting it off, here’s ten reasons why you SHOULD book a boudoir shoot right now…

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Miss Deadly Red

1. Do it for yourself; not anyone else. “Just because” is the best reason of all in my opinion. You don’t need to wait for an excuse to book a boudoir shoot, like a wedding present, achievement or anniversary – you can do one just because YOU want to. The images don’t have to be for anyone else, and you can keep them as a longstanding reminder that you felt good, you look good and there’s no one else like you out there. You really are unique and beautiful, and you’re worth celebrating!

2. The experience is solely yours. Of course, you can have your boudoir photo shoot and share the images with someone else, such as your significant other, but at the end of the day, it’s you that gets to benefit from the experience. Why not make some memories that are just for you.

3. Empowerment is paramount. It is scary to leave your comfort zone, but stepping out of it (with a helping hand!) in front of a camera is exhilarating. You’ll get your hair and make-up done by a professional experienced stylist who will spend time with you making you look and feel amazing, think you on your very best day! You can sit back and feel safe in their hands; I only use the best stylists who’re renowned in their field – and my resident hair and make up artist Miss Honey Bare does all of my styling too, including my wedding day.

Book a boudoir shoot. Sally Rand Tribute, Jolie Papillon at Fontaine's, London © Tigz Rice Studios 2016.

Jolie Papillon

4. Right now, you are enough. Right now! I’ve photographed women of all ages, shapes and sizes and they all have felt fearless and incredibly beautiful in front of the camera AND in their images after. You don’t need to lose/gain weight, change shape, tone up or wait until you’ve dropped a clothes size. You aren’t defined by any number; be that on the scales, in the back of your clothes or how many years you’ve been in the world. You’re beautiful and deserve to realise that you ARE enough.

5. Encourage positive thinking. We’re so often thinking negatively about our bodies, the negative voice in our heads is often louder than the positive one. We wouldn’t talk so negatively like that to our best friend, or our daughter, or our mum; so why do we feel it’s acceptable to say such nasty things to ourselves? A boudoir shoot is a cemented step forward in changing that viewpoint. A boudoir shoot is a gift to yourself that you can hold onto and carry with you forever.

6. There aren’t enough pictures of you. For those who are always behind the camera; there need to be more photos of you in the world that you’re proud of and happy to have. Let’s put you in front of the camera and create a moment in time that you can revisit time and time again and feel wonderful. Many clients have commented that after a boudoir shoot, they feel more comfortable in candid snaps as they know how they can position themselves or their ‘best’ angle. As a skilled photographer, I’ve enough tools in my posing kit to get the very best from you.

Book a boudoir shoot. Jessabelle Thunder © Tigz Rice Studios 2017.

Jessabelle Thunder

7. Do something cool to tell your grandkids. Or your own kids! Do you ever look back at glamorous photos of your parents or grandparents and they tell you about the time the photo was taken? What a time to look back on that memory and tell your child or grandchild that you really did look that good, the experience of having your photograph taken was wonderful, whilst promoting positive feelings towards your body. Those memories should be treasured forever, and who better than with those dearest to you.

8. The time is NOW. I had some boudoir photos taken of me when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t really like them at the time, partly because the stylist did an awful job of my hair (really, it was awful) and partly because I felt so overweight in the photos. Fast forward to my thirties and, whilst the hair style is STILL awful, I now look at those photos and love how fresh and glowing my twenty-something skin looks, the happy, care-free smile on my face. They are a memory of my youth that I will treasure forever. Live for the moment – there really is no better time than now!

9. Its a great excuse to treat yourself to some fancy lingerie! When you book a boudoir shoot with me, I’ll ask about your wardrobe and what you want to be photographed in. Perhaps there’s a lingerie set you’ve been trying to justify buying for a few seasons now, or a corset, a full length statement sequin gown! As part of your booking confirmation, I will send you a 24-page welcome pack with lots of tips and advice on how to prepare for your boudoir shoot, including a list of my favourite lingerie brands to suit every budget. There’s even a few special discounts included.

Book a boudoir shoot. Blossom and Buttercups Sam Elson © Tigz Rice Studios 2018.

Blossom and Buttercups

10. Photographs last a lifetime and can speak a thousand words. Here’s a link to my boudoir photography portfolio of past clients to pour over. If you want to then know what some of these ladies have said about working with me, read my testimonials. To whet your appetite, Maddy said;

“Tigz, these are so wonderful!! I adore them, you are amazing. Thank you so much for the whole experience and for such beautiful images. I am not sure what exactly I will be doing with them yet apart from loving looking through them repeatedly, but they do make me feel really good about myself.”

Ready to book a boudoir shoot right now? You can find more details including pricing and booking information here. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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