‘Masturdate’ is probably one of the weirdest words in the English language, but it describes the action of dating yourself – for example going out for a meal, visiting a museum or watching a film at the cinema without bringing along a significant other. As a freelancer, I spend a lot of time on my own by default, but the concept of masturdate goes far beyond ‘time away from people’ and is an exercise in honing your inner dialogue and self-appreciation. By learning to enjoy and feel comfortable in your own company, you allow yourself the time to know yourself better. It is also a great opportunity to listen to your body, put your thoughts in order and focus on what makes you happy.

For a lot of people, going on a masturdate in a world designed for couples can be daunting, but honestly it is the most liberating experience ever. Up for giving it a go? Here are some masturdate suggestions…

5 Awesome Masturdate Ideas To Take Yourself On - Emerald Fontaine at Fontaine's Bar, London
Emerald Fontaine at Fontaine’s Bar, London

Go to the cinema: The cinema is a great starting point for your first masturdate. Grab some popcorn, switch your phone off and enjoy 2-3 hours of uninterrupted quiet time with no need for any social interaction. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of people (like myself) that enjoy the solo cinema experience – in fact, I regularly enjoy a whole day off watching back to back films in the cinema. Check out your local cinema for discounts or special weekday offers.

Take yourself out for a drink: Be it a cocktail or a coffee, take yourself into a café somewhere by yourself. Get something tasty and sit by a window or on a comfy sofa; take an hour to sit there and take in the world. Enjoying yourself? Why not take it a step further and take yourself to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to!

Go somewhere: Be a tourist in your own town. Maybe there’s an exhibition on that you want to see? A matinee maybe, or a comedy show? What’s in the next town over? If there are any National Trust houses or museums/open parks, take yourself for a walk around them. The vitamin D from being out in the sun and a fresh air will do you good.

5 Awesome Masturdate Ideas To Take Yourself On - Jolie Papillon at Fontaine's, London
Jolie Papillon at Fontaine’s Bar, London

Try something new: A dance class? A new language? A craft class? Do it! Weekly classes are also a great way to commit yourself to more than the one masturdate. Each week/month you’ll be spending time doing something that YOU want to do. Some other great examples are learning to make your own clothes, try your hand at creative writing or pick up a new skill like Photoshop!

Treat yourself: Get a massage. Buy a spa day voucher. Drive a fast car on a race track. Go for a pedicure. Do a falconry experience. Or, do what I did, and book a flying lesson!

So what are you waiting for? Get a masturdate on two in the diary and let me know how you get on!

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