Surprise post is my absolute favourite kind of post, so when a bottle of champagne turned up at my door this weekend from Working Class Publishing with the announcement that STRIP|TEASE placed bronze in the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards, it was a double whammy of joy that led to me bouncing, singing and dancing around the house for the entire weekend! Publishing a book has always been a life goal and to have created something I’m so proud of, accompanied by this level of industry recognition, is beyond what I ever could have hoped or dreamed for.

The news actually couldn’t have come at a better time, as not only does this mean I can put a big fat tick next to one of my 2020 aspirations – which was to win an award for my business – but it has also lifted my spirits during this period of lockdown, where every day brings new creative and entrepreneurial challenges. Between finding creative ways to earn a living when I can’t leave the house, to figuring out how to adapt my boudoir shoots to #TheNewNormal when we’re finally allowed out to play again, this award reinforces how important creativity is; and that no matter what happens during the coming months, there will ALWAYS be a place in this world for art.

STRIP|TEASE the burlesque photography of Tigz Rice wins bronze at the Independent Publisher Awards IPPY 2020

What are the Independent Publisher Book Awards?

Based in Michigan, the US, the Independent Publisher Book Awards (also known as the “IPPYs”) are an annual event that aims to bring increased recognition to exemplary independent, university, and self-published titles. The awards are open to all members of the independent publishing industry, including authors and publishers worldwide who produce books intended for an English-speaking market. Since the inaugural awards ceremony in 1996, around 5,000 books have received IPPY Awards, along with the recognition, credibility and increased sales that a winning a book award can bring. STRIP|TEASE won bronze in the 2020 Performing Arts category.

What do you get for winning bronze at the Independent Publisher Book Awards?

Apart from bragging rights?! Well, usually there is a gala held for award winners during the BookExpo in either Chicago or NYC, but of course, Covid-19 has foiled that plan! They are planning a virtual gala though – and yes if that happens I will be dressing up in my best red carpet attire to attend from my living room. But more excitingly, we’ll have the opportunity to add a bronze seal to all future books! I’m not sure when we’ll receive these and will keep you updated as soon as I have more information. Oh, and there’s a medal and certificate too, of course, but I’m definitely most excited about those shiny bronze seals! Forever a magpie…

Do you have an award winning speech planned?

Honestly, no! As much as I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed since Working Class Publishing announced they were entering, I genuinely didn’t expect to place as high as I did and its actually come as a very welcome shock! However, I do want to say a heartfelt thank you to Bob and Kelly, who took a chance on me without ever meeting me in person, and have made so many of my dreams come true over the past 18 months. Next time we’re in Vegas, the vegan Chinese food at Chef Kenny’s is on me!

Where can I buy a copy of your award winning book STRIP|TEASE?

You can click right here to buy your copy of STRIP|TEASE directly from me in the UK, or if you’re based in North America and don’t require a signed copy, please click here to buy directly from Working Class Publishing for much cheaper postage!*

What’s next for Tigz?

That is such a good question! Right now, I’m focusing my creative energy into my new offering of virtual boudoir shoots (go check them out!), as well as putting in the prep work to launch the ‘For Photographers’ tier on my Patreon very soon. This will give lots of insight into the way I shoot, light and edit my images, including lots of information on what goes on behind the scenes of running a business. Stay tuned!



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