For so many reasons, one of the most memorable shoots of my career to date was in 2017 with the incredible burlesque performer Jessabelle Thunder. After almost 10 years and over 1000 client shoots, it still makes my heart burst with happiness when someone is willing to travel long distance to shoot with me – even more so when that person happens to be as lovely as Jessabelle! Having since toured with Dita Von Teese as well as winning 1st Runner Up Miss Exotic World 2018 and placing in the Burlesque Top 50, it was an absolute pleasure to catch up with Jessabelle and talk about our shoot, as well as find out a little more about this incredible performer…

Name: Jessabelle Thunder 

Occupation: Burlesque dancer 

How would your best friend describe you? They would describe me as loving, caring, fun, kind, genuine, a vampire and a badass bitch.

Name three things that you always carry with you? Lip Balm, my phone (it has my life on it and I can’t live without it) and my eyebrow pencil 

What inspired you to book a photoshoot? The beautiful images I saw on Tigz’s Instagram as well as the fact that she’s a woman and I hadn’t worked with many female photographers. I knew that she would guide me through the shoot a little differently than a male photographer would.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? Ummm, maybe Gabrielle Union (in a perfect world)

Whats the most interesting thing about you that the internet doesn’t know about you yet? I gotta have my secrets… 

Tell us about one of the outfits you wore for your shoot – why do you love it? The outfit I chose was a gold burlesque costume with feather fans. It’s special to me because it was my third burlesque costume and it’s been growing and changing ever so slightly over the years much like myself. Still the same but just a little bit better as time goes on.

What song gets you on the dancefloor? Many songs get me on the dance floor but I’d have to say particularly any pop or hip hop song from the 80s and 90s

What are you most proud of in your career so far? Being part of a Dita Von Teese tour as well as performing in her first ever Von Follies show AND, of course, winning 1st runner up at Burlesque Hall of Fame (the Oscars or Super Bowl of burlesque)

What is your top body confidence tip? Find the few parts of your body that you do like and highlight them.

Jessabelle Thunder © Tigz Rice Studios 2017.

If you could be a model for any brand, which brand would it be and why? Agent Provocateur, Electric West and Topshop cause those clothes make me feel so good and look fantastic 

What exciting project are you working on right now? I’m constantly working on upgrading existing burlesque acts as well as brainstorming new ones.

Where can we find more of Jessabelle Thunder online? TwitterFacebook and Instagram 

Jessabelle Thunder © Tigz Rice Studios 2017.

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