Its October 1st and I’ve just got back from an unbelievable week in Ibiza, enjoying some much-needed downtime with a group of amazing women. Having spent the week in bikinis and then stepping off the plane into sideways cold drizzle was a shock to the system – and just like that, the summer is gone, and autumn is here. The suitcase has been unpacked and swiftly refilled with knitwear and fluffy socks, as tomorrow I head off on the last leg of my 2019 European tour with stops in Paris and Gothenburg with Miss Victory Violet. I’ll miss the long days, but I love autumn and watching the colour of the leaves change. I’m also down with anything that involves snuggling up with a blanket in an oversized sweater with a book and a hot chocolate!

Talking of books, we’re now getting ever closer to my own book with Working Class Publishing being released! Having finally settled on the title STRIP | TEASE, the proof pages have started trickling through into my inbox and it is looking incredible. I’m so excited to see it all coming together and form an actual ‘book’ now; a decade’s worth of photography and almost a full year of dedication will become a real, physical object within a matter of weeks… WEEKS.

Lots of you have been asking for sneak peeks, but right now I’m keeping everything close to my chest so it can be a surprise for all of you when it releases. HOWEVER, I do come bearing the gift of an announcement, as I’ve decided it is time to reveal the author of the foreword!

It was important to me to have someone who has been an influential part of my journey – and watching this performer on stage in 2011 was the catalyst that got me up on the stage to try burlesque myself, giving me better insight into the needs of burlesque performers and developing as a photographer in the process. After having the opportunity to spend time with this performer in Las Vegas on my recent trip to Burlesque Hall of Fame, she is everything I ever could have hoped she would be in person and more. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that the foreword for the book has been written by the international burlesque sensation, Dirty Martini!

Tigz Rice and Dirty Martini Book Update

Pre-orders of my book will be announced in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for announcements on social media. Alternatively, I can deliver the news straight to your inbox. Simply sign up to Stockings and Striptease, my monthly newsletter, here!

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