A selection of vintage & fashion led boudoir images curated by London & Hertfordshire photographer Tigz Rice

A Rock N Roll Boudoir Shoot in Brighton

Rock N Roll Boudoir with Trixie Hell at Hotel Pelirocco © Tigz Rice Studios 2016

A Rock N Roll themed boudoir shoot in the Rough Trade room at Hotel Pelirocco… Hotel Pelirocco has been on my location lust list for years now, so I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out Trixie Hell had booked into the Rough Trade room for a Rock N Roll boudoir […]

Hettie Heartache: Agent Provocateur in the Boudoir

Hettie Heartache Boudoir Shoot © Tigz Rice Studios 2016.

An Agent Provocateur lingerie shoot with Hettie Heartache. One of the most rewarding – but also most nerve-wracking – parts of being a photographer for me is being commissioned to take photos of other photographers! When I’ve discussed my style of photography in the past, I’ve mentioned that I shoot in the style of photography I would […]

Town Hall Hotel: Boudoir on Location

Town Hall Hotel Boudoir Shoot Bethnal Green with Burlesque Performer Silly Thanh © Tigz Rice Studios 2016

A boudoir shoot at Town Hall Hotel with Silly Thanh. For every boudoir client I work with, I get two lovely surprises. The first is when the client opens their suitcase and presents their own coveted lingerie collection. Not forgetting the designer shoes and sparkly accessories in addition, of course! I know I’ve said it many times […]

Voyeur Style Boudoir Shoot: Joanna

Joanna Woodward boudoir art nude series 'voyeur' © Tigz Rice Studios 2016.

The concept of a voyeur style boudoir shoot has been bouncing around in my mind for a little while now. After meeting both Jan Scholz and Ryan Muirhead, who were also teaching at Photography Farm earlier this year, I’ve found myself inspired to really push out of my photography comfort zone, push some boundaries and try new […]

An Editorial Boudoir Shoot with Didi Derriere

Burlesque performer Didi Derriere joins me for an editorial boudoir shoot. Having decided that 2016 was the year for smashing my comfort zones, the idea of an editorial boudoir shoot had been playing around in my head for a while. Mixing some of the hard poses of fashion editorial photography with the usual softness of […]