Making Myself A Priority

Sep 22, 2021 | Empowerment, Personal Growth

making myself a priority - Setting better personal life boundaries with Hertfordshire UK boudoir photographer Tigz Rice

Whilst many of us use January as an opportunity to start something new or push a reset button (me included), I have always found September to be my most successful month for starting something new. Perhaps it’s that back to school vibe we had drilled into us as kids (I absolutely just treated myself to some new pastel highlighters!). Perhaps it’s the change of seasons here in the UK and the return of the snuggly jumpers and beautiful colour changing leaves.

I personally enjoy setting myself a ‘what can I achieve in the roughly 100 days between now and Christmas’ challenge each year. And whilst in the past, that challenge has been to publish a book or complete a six-week European photography tour, or both at the same time (not recommended!), this year I’ve been thinking a lot about continuing my 2021 goal of setting better boundaries. More specifically, right now…

making myself a priority

Now, I’m a huge lover of lists. I have a digital yearly goal planner I make on January 1st each year, an ever-growing spreadsheet that covers my mid-term goals, a CRM system that prioritises my client tasks ∆ and a day to day old-fashioned book that sees me through my weekly priorities. Work-related priority lists come pretty easily to me… but I’ve never really put much thought into my life-related priority list. 

And, more importantly, where I personally sit on that priority list.

My friends will tell you that I’m so fiercely independent that I’m REALLY bad at accepting help, even when I need it. I’m naturally the kind of person that makes sure everyone else has their oxygen supply on before my own. I give

And yet, in a short number of weeks, it has dawned on me that I’m going to be finding my self down a dominant hand and relying on others to help me with small everyday self-care tasks I usually take for granted, like putting on a bra, washing my hair or cooking a nutritious meal.

For at least six weeks, making myself a priority needs to be my primary focus whilst I recover, so I only have to go through this once (hopefully) So last week, I finally wrote down that personal priority list. 

What/Who else do I prioritise before my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing?

Do those things/people deserve to be above me?

Let me tell you, it was an eye-opener. I was actually surprised at how far down that list I truly was. There were tears. I’ve been sitting uncomfortably with this for the past week, and now I’m here with my commitment to change.

I commit to making myself a priority. I will ask for help when I need it. I will harness the power of No (and Yes) and set better boundaries. And in the words of every flight attendant in the world, I will activate my own oxygen supply first so I can better assist those around me who need my help.

I am a beautiful work in progress and I am here for the journey

Tell me about you, superhuman.

How do you make sure you’re filling your own cup whilst holding space for others? Or, like me, could you be a little higher on your own list?


  1. Amy

    I am really really horrible about making myself anywhere on the top 100 list of taking care of myself at all. My life has consisted the last 5 years of taking care of a child who has medical problems that seem endless. I have 3 special needs kids and an active duty military husband who’s career comes first no matter what. I have my own medical problems that medically retired me from the military but it feels like I can’t catch up to take care of my own stuff. I love my children more than life itself but at times I feel like I am drowning. The last 3 months I finally took the steps I needed to get myself into a better place anxiety wise and that helped me set daily goals for myself to make time for me even if it is only a hot shower or an hour at the gym.

    • Tigz Rice

      Hi Amy! I’m so glad to hear you’ve taken the first steps towards self-care and making yourself a priority. It sounds like you are an incredible wife and mother to your beautiful family, and let me tell you, they will love doing little things in their own ways to help and support you in return for the unwavering love that you show them. Keeping taking those little steps, savour those hot showers and engage beast mode at the gym to boost those happy hormones! Life may be tough, but you’re so much stronger <3

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