Tigz Rice New Website Boudoir Photography


Jun 28, 2017 | Personal Growth

Tigz Rice New Website Boudoir Photography

Hello, its me. It feels a little weird to be blogging again. Good weird though. Things have been quiet on the surface of Tigz Rice Studios for a while. Those of you who know me well will know that its never truly quiet in my studio though, and I’ve been tinkering away into the early hours for the last six months, researching, geeking out, #gettingitdone and waiting for this day when it felt right to finally share it.

It all started when I wrote the Seven Years On birthday blog post back in December. Rather than getting the seven year itch, I felt immense pride that my business was ACTUALLY SEVEN. I’ve written one of those blog posts every year since the beginning (you can read four, five and six here if you fancy) and after reading back through them, it really felt like Tigz Rice Studios was in a new place, like that feeling you get as a kid when you transfer to a new school and get a fresh new start. New haircut, new shoes, fresh uniform. It was time to give my brand an identity makeover.

With a background in graphic design, I sat down with Illustrator, opened a document and let the creative juices flow. I’m an absolute perfectionist when it comes to design work, and my last redesign back in 2013 was a battle. This time however, I knew exactly what it was that I wanted. Combining art deco with clean modern touches, I had a finalised logo within a day and, with seven years of work behind me, let my favourite images from my portfolio lead my colour scheme. Goodbye black on black, hello midnights blues and dusty pinks with a hint of antique gold.

Next came the new website, which was a little more of a struggle. I originally settled on a previous theme, which had been live for a while previously, although it was never announced. It was better than before, but didn’t feel quite finished. Then last week, I found the perfect solution designed by the incredible Melissa Love of The Design Space Co. The theme, based on Divi for WordPress, had everything I wanted and more, plus amazing support resources to help get the job done painlessly. I really can’t recommend her themes highly enough. Hopefully I’ve done alright, but if you find any bugs, please pop me a note via the contact page so I can go and squash them!

Probably the most significant change on the new website, however, is the name of the brand. During the 2013 rebrand, Tigz Rice Illustration became Tigz Rice Studios, amalgamating my lingerie and boudoir photography work along with my illustration and graphic design work under one creative roof. Over the years, the illustration has slipped away from my business and – as primarily a photography business – the ‘Studios’ tends to suggest that I run a network of studios, which I don’t (yet?!). With that in mind, I’ve decided to rebrand simply as Tigz Rice, going forth as an individual creative. I know its only a dropped word, but yet that feeling of freedom and being un-defined as a creative feels huge. I’m can’t tell you how excited I am to see where it leads me.

So that brings us to today. It finally feels right to say… welcome to the brand new website! Take a look around, let me know what you think. Thank you so much for being here and I can’t wait to share the next chapter of my journey with you.

Tigz x


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UK Personal Branding Photographer Tigz Rice Personal Branding Shoot © Tigz Rice Ltd 2022. http://www.tigzrice.com

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