Anna Swiczeniuk style shoot © Tigz Rice Studios 2016.

Style is one of the artistic skills I most greatly admire. 

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess” – Edna Woodman Chase.

My own sense of style is a little Jekyll and Hyde, fluctuating between both extreme ends of the spectrum. I have a wardrobe full of sequins and lace right next to my daily skinny jeans and gym clothes. It seems I am very much an all or nothing kind of girl when deciding what to wear!

What fascinates me about the concept of style is that so much can be ‘said’ through the clothes and accessories we choose to adorn our bodies with. I often say that finding out what is inside my clients’ suitcases is the favourite part of every shoot. This is magnified many-fold when that suitcase happens to belong to Anna Swiczeniuk.

Forming one half of the immaculately dressed DJ duo The Roustabouts, as well as being a talented photographer herself, you may remember Anna from our location shoot with Sparklewren corsetry in 2014. After having such a brilliant experience working with Anna last time, I was thrilled that we were able to find another opportunity to work together. Giving her full creative license on styling, I couldn’t wait to see what Anna would bring to the shoot.

Of course, Anna arrived at the studio with a suitcase filled to the brim with goodies. A sea of red, black and gold, there were sequins, sparkles and accessories everywhere! With so many incredible outfits to choose from, it would have been impossible to choose favourites. Curating a total of four looks, I quickly set up the studio space whilst Anna changed into the first outfit of the day. We hoped to shoot as much as possible in the time we had available. The first look of the day was this sheer black and gold embellished catsuit with a purple wig and golden headpiece. Anyone else have serious catsuit envy? Here are some of our favourite images from look one, with more to come later on the blog.

Do you have something special in your wardrobe that you’d love to be photographed in? Why not pop me an email via the contact page for more information.

Anna Swiczeniuk style shoot © Tigz Rice Studios 2016. Anna Swiczeniuk style shoot © Tigz Rice Studios 2016.


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