betty blue's loungerie SS16 lingerie couture

Thinking about your brand’s next lookbook, editorial or campaign shoot? 

You’re in the right place; come on in and make yourself comfy…

“Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate how easy you have made this.” – Ayten Gasson.

My role is much more than a photographer; I’m here to help make shooting your next campaign as painless as possible. Most importantly, I’m there to photograph your product or service and show it in the best (and most beautiful) light it can be. As a self-confessed lingerie addict, I am passionate about innovative design and great fit. I enjoy supporting and working with small, independent and handmade brands. I appreciate the deep feeling of passion and love that goes into each project of a small brand, and how important it is to you as the creator to find someone special who will appreciate and feel that incredible feeling too.

After all, now is your time to shine. After months of solid hard work, late nights and early mornings; channeling all your energy into this creation, you need to find someone who will do your brand proud. Do you proud. I want to highlight all those delicate touches you’ve agonised over that make your work truly special. It is my utmost pleasure to have worked with and for some of the best independant businesses the UK has to offer.

When it’s time to release your creation into the world with a carefully curated campaign of stunning images, you’re going to want to look back with fond memories; not just at the content of these images, but how they make you feel. I want the images to be a continuation of your brand, and ignite that spark in how you want people to feel when they delve into the images. It’s in the detail, and it’s those finer details that matter most to me.

From recommending tried and tested professional stylists to offering you a peek at my location lust-list, we’ll curate a plan in such detail that you’ll feel assured you’re in safe hands. I’m able to offer creative direction on your shoot and I have access to renowned and established hair and makeup artists; ones I have built up a professional level of trust with, who consistently bring their A-game, offering a staggeringly high quality of work. I’ve also the contacts to source a wide range of models. All this helps take the pressure off you, allowing you to immerse yourself in whole experience. And it is an experience you will want to savour! Because I also pride myself on working hard and having fun with my work; who says that work can’t be fun?!

“Was SUCH a good weekend – the coolest girl gang ever! You were brilliant as usual – thanks again for all your help.”  Scantilly

On a practical level, my portable and lightweight lighting kit makes it super easy to shoot anywhere; really, anywhere. An art deco bar, a specialist photographic studio kitted out with sets, the library at Jesus College in Oxford University, a boutique hotel, a penthouse suite filled with 20 people… I’ve done it, and can handle it. My eight years experience photographing anywhere and everywhere means I’m ready for anything; nothing phases me, and yet every time I shoot I feel the same ignition of passion and excitement I did the first time I took a professional photograph.

So drop me an email; I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store! Let’s have a cuppa and discuss your wildest dreams. It is time to shine a light on them.

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