5 Of The Best Lingerie Patreon Accounts To Follow

Oct 7, 2020 | Boudoir, Lingerie

Love lingerie? Me too! If I’m not buying it, photographing it, or researching it, I’m probably discovering more brands via one of my favourite lingerie Patreon accounts. It would be fair to say I’m pretty obsessed with lingerie these days, and I’ve already outgrown my storage capacity for it (would it be too extravagant to request a purpose built lingerie wardrobe for it? I feel this may need to be my next step!)

If you haven’t delved into the world of Patreon before, it’s an amazing online platform that many creatives use to help fund projects that otherwise wouldn’t exist without your support. That might be creating a ridiculously over-the-top piece of couture lingerie made of the finest silk and lace; or a photoshoot concept that allows a team of collaborators the opportunity to get creative without the confines of a client brief. Patreon is a place where boundaries get broken – where creativity thrives – and you get to support creatives in making all this happen by donating the price of a coffee or two per month. Sounds incredible, no?

Lingerie Patreon accounts can be quite hard to find due to their content, which, surprisingly, gets flagged as mature content/ Because of this, lingerie and boudoir content is hidden from the search function on the main website and stops us from getting any form of natural growth. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a moment to put together a list of my top 5 Lingerie Patreon accounts and direct links for you to follow and share with your friends. Let me know in the comments if you sign up to any of them after reading this blog!

5 Of The Best Lingerie Patreon Accounts To Follow

Cora’s Virtual Boudoir Shoot – The Lingerie Addict photographed by Tigz Rice

The Lingerie Addict

Meet Cora Harrington, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict – the most popular (and one of the only!) lingerie blogs in the world. Focusing on inclusivity and on making the world of lingerie more accessible and approachable to everyone, Cora has published over 2,000 articles to date, covering full busts, plus sizes, small busts, lingerie for transfeminine and transmasculine folks, lingerie for people with vulvodynia and fibromyalgia, and lingerie for people with mastectomies. Unlike a lot of other fashion blogs or publications, The Lingerie Addict has been fully independent from Day One and your patronage goes directly into The Lingerie Addict’s business accounts for the express purpose of financing TLA, including paying writers and support staff a fair wage, web hosting costs and domain renewal fees. In return, not only will you get access to an exclusive, Patreon-only, private blog, you’ll also help fund projects, articles, interviews, and research that would otherwise be impossible. I also thoroughly recommend signing up because I’ve shot some exclusive virtual content that you can only find on Cora’s Patreon, which I believe is part of the £8.50 tier!

Lingerie Patreon Havana Hurricane wears Manuge Et Toi © Tigz Rice Ltd 2019.
Havana Hurricane wears Manuge Et Toi Burlesque Costume photographed by Tigz Rice

Tips On Tap by Manuge Et Toi

Meet Christina Manuge, Canada’s #1 Burlesque Costume Designer! Working under the name Manuge et Toi Design, she has been creating unique, luxurious costumes for burlesque performers all over the world, for over a decade, including this masterpiece for Havana Hurricane! Support tiers starts from £3 per month, but I totally recommend the £8.50 tier, which – alongside BTS content and sneak peeks – includes three featured tutorial/tip posts each month and covers a wide range of burlesque costuming topics, such as; sewing and embellishment techniques, how to make staple burlesque garments, pasties and tassels, costume design, and more! Each tip will be accessible to subscribers for three weeks* from the day it is posted (providing you keep your subscription up to date of course!) OR splash out on the Archive tier for £13 a month and keep your Tip Jar Full!

Lingerie Patreon - Karolina Laskowska's Bridal Troussaeu by Tigz Rice
Karolina Laskowska’s Bridal Troussaeu by Tigz Rice

Karolina Laskowska

Love couture lingerie? Karolina Laskowska loves to make underthings “that are so ridiculously decadent and deeply impractical that they’re basically art”. Nerding out on historical garments, she spends thousands of hours making crazily detailed gorgeous things that, in her words, ‘will probably never sell’, but then always do, because her lingerie is highly coveted around the world! For just £2 per month,  you can get access to Karolina’s regular BTS posts, or treat yourself to the £8.50 tier for the full Patreon experience. I can tell you there’s some exclusive content shot by me on there too, in the form of her decadent bridal trousseau and wedding dress!

Lingerie Patreon - The Underpinnings Museum Vintage Lingerie
The Underpinnings Museum – Vintage Lingerie photographed by Tigz Rice

The Underpinnings Museum

If you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ll know I’m 1/4th of The Underpinnings Museum team – a radical online innovation in showcasing and documenting exquisite objects, dedicated to the evolution of underwear through the ages. It’s incredibly important to our mission, of bringing the history of underwear to a wider audience, that our collections and research are freely accessible online. Up until now, the project has been run on an almost entirely volunteer basis. Although upkeep and new acquisitions have been partially funded through occasional donations, advertisers and merchandise sales, much of the project has been financially supported by team members. This is where Patreon comes in! As a extra thank you for supporting us on Patreon, you’ll have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes, including our latest acquisitions, exhibitions in development and photoshoot previews. Our recommended minimum donation is £2 per month, but the more you can donate, the more amazing underwear history we can bring you!

Lingerie Patreon - Ashleeta Beauchamp by boudoir photographer Tigz Rice
Burlesque Performer Ashleeta by Tigz Rice

Tigz Rice

Did you know I also have a Patreon page? As a one woman business, your patronage goes directly into supporting my career as a photographer & retoucher, allowing me to continue to create as authentically as possible without having to rely on sponsored content or advertising to fund personal projects. With tiers starting from £3 per month, your patronage will not only give you access to my back catalogue of work deemed too naughty for social media, but as you move further up through the membership levels you will also unlock access to exclusive, Patreon-only, blog posts, behind the scenes content and discounts in my print store. Additionally, your contributions will also help fund brand new and exclusive shoot content solely for Patreon members!

Looking for more ways to support me? As well as Patreon, there are plenty of options available in my online shop, including signed prints, gift vouchers and copies of my award-winning book STRIP/TEASE. Click on any of the links to find out more!


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UK Personal Branding Photographer Tigz Rice Personal Branding Shoot © Tigz Rice Ltd 2022. http://www.tigzrice.com

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