Lingerie Review: Fuller Bust Brand Tutti Rouge

Nov 11, 2020 | Boudoir, Lingerie

Disclosure: The products in this blog post were gifted by Tutti Rouge. All opinions are my own.

British-based fuller-bust lingerie brand Tutti Rouge is one of those lingerie companies that I’ve heard lots of great things about throughout the lingerie scene, but funnily enough, has never made its way in front of my camera in the boudoir – or at least that I’m aware of! Founded in 2012 by a team of experienced designers and manufacturers already working within the fuller bust niche of the lingerie industry, the brand officially launched onto the lingerie scene in 2013, creating edgy and sexy underwear specifically aimed at the 30-48 / D-G size range, with some options on the website offering up to a J cup. They also offer accompanying knickers in sizes XS – 6XL.

Pre-lockdown, if you’d asked me about my lingerie preferences, I would have told you I was strictly an underwired bra type of human. However, having spent most of the year indoors thanks to Covid, non-wired options for days spent working from home have definitely started to gain appeal. Therefore, when an opportunity arose to receive some gifted lingerie sets in return for a review, I jumped at the chance. It was also a great opportunity to celebrate my sexy new lockdown curves that I’ve been cultivating throughout 2020!

For reference, I ordered both bralettes in Tutti Rouge’s 34/DD/E/F size – I’m currently a 34F, so I’m at the fuller cup end for these pieces. The knickers and body were ordered in XL for comfort – I’m currently around a size 14. I also mention being super long in the body, so for reference most ‘super high waisted’ jeans (think Topshop, New Look, H&M etc) barely hit my belly button!

Tigz Rice wears Tutti Rouge Hallie Bralette and Brazilian in Silver Cloud

Tutti Rouge Hallie Bralette and Brazilian in Silver Cloud

This was my favourite of the three lingerie sets in terms of shape and cut! Let’s start with the bralette: The fabric is super soft and combined with the thick elasticated underband honestly feels like wearing a hug. The underband definitely allows for more support than usual from a non-wired bralette and, combined with the extended strap elastic sewn into the top part of the cup (you can just about make it out in the above image) it works with the durable mesh fabric underneath the lace to offer great lift and shape, whilst the lacy racerback finish with gold heart shaped strap adjusters makes for a gorgeous back view. My only minor issue with the Hallie is that the sides of the bralette are cut into an extremely low V shape under the armpit where I usually prefer something higher cut to hold me in, though it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.

As for the Brazilian knickers, the cut and shape of them is so perfect it is as if they were created for my body, with a beautiful high leg shape to flatter any thighbrow, great framing on the glutes and enough high-waisted-ness to actually reach my very long-torsoed waist – let me tell you that rarely ever happens so I’m giving them bonus points for that!

Would I buy it? Yes, absolutely! After I’d finished shooting this was the first set I reached for to finish the rest of the day in and will probably live in for the rest of #Lockdown2.0 – I definitely want a few more pairs of the knickers for sure! This silver grey set will be perfect for wearing underneath light coloured outfits and I’ll definitely be making good use of it.

Tutti Rouge Eliza Body in Black

The Eliza body is a wildcard set that Tutti Rouge sent me as an extra. I’d deliberately not put any body sets on my review list because I know I’m super long in the torso and these rarely ever work for me, but it was there in the box and I thought… why not! It has a super-wide double elasticated underband with hook and eye fastenings for making sure you get the perfect cinched fit alongside maximum support, with a flattering Brazilian cut knicker at the back and skirted detailing on the front.

Design wise, on paper it ticks all the right boxes … but as expected, it just wasn’t right for my super long body. The shoulder-to crotch stretch on the fabric meant my breasts felt flattened and the thick elasticated underband sat so high on me that it was more of an empire line than a waist cincher, whilst the skirted brief barely reached my hips. This, combined with the super high cut leg of the body, meant almost every photo I took in this set was seriously NSFW! It’s a beautiful set and looks INCREDIBLE on the models on the website, but it’s just not a good fit for my long body. That said, I did manage to get this corker of a picture in it!

Would I buy it? No, BUT if I miraculously shrank 3 inches in the torso overnight -or they released a tall range – I’d definitely give it another shot!

Tigz Rice wears Tutti Rouge Eden Bralette and Brief in Tea Rose

Tutti Rouge Eden Bralette and Brief in Tea Rose

Let me start by saying this colour is GORGEOUS. I’d say ‘Tea Rose’ leans a little more towards burgundy in real life than comes across in the image, but regardless this colour needs to be more present in my wardrobe! The Eden bralette is another super supportive longline offering from Tutti Rouge, featuring a deep plunging neckline and two separate elasticated bra bands with hook and eye detailing to achieve a perfect fit. It also features the same gold metal heart adjustable strap details as the Hallie set for a gorgeously detailed back view. Lined with a durable mesh fabric underneath the lace in a colour very close to my own skin tone, it offers the perfect nude illusion for my body whilst giving great shape. The plunging neckline obviously doesn’t offer as much support as the Hallie bralette does and I found myself re-arranging my breasts back into place occasionally during the shoot as they were making an escape through the middle, so I wouldn’t personally reach for this bralette for daily wear. But, I feel sassy AF in this, shot a ton of images I love, and would definitely keep this aside for days when I feel like lounging around my boudoir in a decadent fashion! The briefs? Also a winner! They’re very similar to the Eliza body with a skirted hip, but because these are separates there was more flexibility for them to shape to my long torso.

Would I buy it? Yes! And I now want more Tea Rose options in my day to day wardrobe…

Overall Verdict

If I’m being completely honest, I am SO surprised at how good the quality and fit is for fuller bust lingerie for the budget-friendly price point. I’m so used to spending £45+ per bra for my F cups that it’s blowing my mind a little to be able to find well-fitting options at the £20 mark. I’m no lingerie expert, but the finish on all the seams is neat and even, with no loose threads to be found. You’re officially looking at a Tutti Rouge convert and will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

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