Loxley Colour: A Visit

Apr 17, 2016 | Education

Tigz Rice visits Loxley Colour

Since Tigz Rice Studios was founded in 2009, I have been constantly pursuing my goal of the ultimate client experience.

From initial contact to receiving those coveted images, at every step I want my clients to feel valued and take away a product I know they will treasure. When I rebranded in 2013 with a new logo and website, I invested in a range of printed materials for the studio as well including thank you cards. I love print and will find any excuse to pop a hand written note in a parcel when mailing out to clients! Alongside these, I also had some bespoke finished business cards printed, which at the time cost me a fortune but were everything I wanted the brand to represent when handed to a prospective client on first contact. Since then, I’ve been on a constant hunt for the perfect product range to compliment these printed products.

Having scoured the internet and trade shows for years and only ever finding close-but-not-perfect, the process of finding the perfect product range was starting to get a little frustrating. My fortune changed however, when I popped over to see the Loxley Colour Team at The Photography Show in March to say a quick hello and found myself face to face with the perfect product on display right in front of me. Everything from the colour to the texture and even finish was a perfect match for what I wanted.

With an onslaught of questions about the product, how I could get my hands on it and the possibilities of bespoke personalisation, the Loxley team invited me up to Glasgow for a tour of the lab to talk more and to show me exactly what goes on after I’ve pressed the send button on an order. I have visited other labs in the past, but Loxley Colour is on a whole different scale to my previous experiences. Walking through the doors, it was a pleasure to see how much of the process is still a hands-on job. From the superhuman colour correction team who edit at the speed of lightning, to the bookbinding team making sure your albums have perfectly straight spines, the dedication and skill level of the entire team is flawless. Plus, they’re all super nice too! Every single person I walked past smiled and said hello at the very minimum. I even received a live demonstration in canvas stretching and laser etching. Quite honestly, if I could have snuck a few of the Loxley team back in my hand luggage I would have done it, they couldn’t have looked after me better.

I didn’t take any photos inside Loxley’s lab for obvious security reasons, although I did bring the little Fuji X100T up to Glasgow with me for a day of exploring the city. If you’d like to see some personal work, I’ve gone and added a second post this week with my images from inside Glasgow Cathedral.

As for those products? Well, whilst I was up at the Lab I was surprised with the very first sample of my new UV spot printed USB stick and presentation box! This is just one of the new series of products being introduced to the studio and will be available to purchase very soon, along with a matching soft touch 12 x 12 album. A massive thank you to Loxley Colour for looking after me whilst I was in Glasgow and I’m really looking forward to introducing some of their new products into my studio range.


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UK Personal Branding Photographer Tigz Rice Personal Branding Shoot © Tigz Rice Ltd 2022. http://www.tigzrice.com

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On Monday 18th March at 2pm, I’ll be gracing The Photography Show’s Behind The Lens Stage to deliver my Talk "It's Not About You' which will discuss the delicate craft of documenting others' radically unique stories and honouring THEIR perspective, whilst staying true to your creative values and, most importantly, signature style.

Want to hear my talk? Professional photographers can register free of charge (subject to specific criteria) via their website. Not a professional photographer but still want to come? You can get 20% off standard adult entry tickets with code SPKTPS24 (expires 14 March) See you there, gorgeous!

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