Sam Elson at Fontaine's London © Tigz Rice Fashion Photography

“Make up, hair and outfit are very important, but if you don’t have the right photographer that will bring it out…there is no point. This photo shoot would not be what it is without the amazing Tigz Rice. She made me on this shoot. – Emerald Fontaine, Fontaine’s

“Wow what a weekend! Loved shooting with you – just about to go through the shots now but sure everything is brilliant. Whole team commented about how great you were to work with, so huge thanks again!” – Hannah, Scantilly for Curvy Kate

To best feel at ease, I’ve a particular preference for shooting with women. When it comes to boudoir, I’ve a particular preference for being shot by Tigz Rice. Tigz’s confident but calm manner waves over a shoot – be it in a studio, or on location. Rather than excessively change the form in post-production, Tigz knows how to direct to get the best shapes, shadow and forms on the day in-situ, using post-shoot editing then to enhance, not to re-create, and to show a realistic, but still aspirational image. I left our last boudoir shoot feeling like I’d had a glamorous work-out, but the bigger task and hardest task was eliminating images to make the final selection later! – Lady May, Burlesque Performer

“Tigz is wonderful to work with and the outcome is always spectacular. Recently we did a fairly nude shoot together and she made me feel really comfortable and she knows just what to say to get the best out of you. She is the queen of angles and can direct you into the perfect poses, all the while having a lot of fun and laughter. She is creatively open and ready to play at any ideas you may have and always willing to try new things. I loved working with her so much that we recently hired her to shoot our wedding day! My now husband is not comfortable in front of the camera but felt totally at ease in our couples shoot and the resulting photos are everything we wished for.” – Joanna Woodward, Actress

I had an absolutely amazing experience! From the first moment I felt my ideas and wishes for the shoot were completely understood and the result proves I was right! The whole studio experience was lovely with a warm and supportive environment. My pictures turned out just perfect and were beautifully presented to me. I am sure I will book in again in the future.” – Odelia Opium, Burlesque performer.

“The talented work of [Tigz] shows women in their timeless feminity. The time I spent for the photoshoot is a delicious memory: the team is very welcoming and the work is fantastic.” – Lou On The Rocks, Burlesque Performer

“I had the pleasure of Shooting my Ghost Act with Tigz. It is an act close to my heart and Tigz managed to capture it to perfection. I loved the way she managed to work motion and light into the picture, producing something truly magical and as close to the essence of the act as i could have hoped.” – Marnie Scarlet, Performer

“Working with Tigz rice for me has always been an amazing experience, she really knows how to get the best from you as a model, creating beautiful, striking images which i will treasure for years to come. She’s an absolute perfectionist and really knows how to make you feel comfortable during a shoot. I look forward to working with her again” – Dolly Dazzle, Burlesque Performer