Hello! I’m Tigz. Photographer, lingerie lover and one of the biggest girl geeks you’ll ever meet. I live in Hertfordshire, UK, with my awesome husband James and enjoy travelling the world, playing Dungeons and Dragons, collecting more lingerie (both vintage and contemporary) than my wardrobe has space for, and slowly adding to (and consuming, of course) my exotic gin collection.

My proudest business achievement to date is winning a bronze medal in the Independent Publishing Awards 2020 for my book STRIP|TEASE. As for personal achievements, did you know I spent a couple of years dancing as a burlesque performer? Its been a while, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Ask me nicely next time I see you, and I might be able to dig out some old footage…



My business started ten years ago, in the dazzling, extraordinary world of burlesque photography. I fell in love with the copious amounts of glitter and the unwavering support these incredible performers have for each other. A community where bodies of all shapes, genders, sizes and ethnicities are celebrated for their strength and beautyBecoming an ingrained part of the burlesque community showed me more than ever that beauty thrives in confidence and creativity. Upon this realisation, my life goal became clear. I want to use my skills as a kick-ass female photographer to help women, femmes and non binary people feel empowered, sexy and beautiful.

I’ve always been an outgoing person, but finding the confidence to be my true, authentic self in a world of cultural and media-led body standards has been an incredible journey. After being bullied as a child for being slightly overweight, spending my late teens waging a war against a beautiful athletic body trying to make it fit within the ‘healthy’ regions of a BMI chart and then giving up completely and gaining six stone in two years, by my mid 20’s I decided enough was enough. I was done prioritising everything in life above my own self-care and booked myself onto a burlesque course, which I now recognise as the start of my journey of self-discovery and body acceptance. I spent several years performing the art of striptease on stages across the UK and Europe, whilst meeting some of the most incredible and inspiring humans on the planet. There is literally nothing I’ve experienced in life that is as exhilarating as performing a striptease on stage (and I’ve done my research. I’ve flown a plane, snowboarded down mountains and spoken in front of huge crowds!) Since then, I’ve learned to love my body, accept, nourish and be kind to it. I’ve embraced my killer curves and my strong, powerful legs and the only standards I am required to meet now are the ones I set myself.

One of the most important processes in my journey to body confidence and self-acceptance was taking the plunge and opening myself up to the concept of being photographed and existing in photos. As someone who had always been the first to offer to take a photo rather than being in it, the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone was daunting at first. The thought of spending an afternoon in my lingerie in front of a complete stranger with a camera felt awkward and weird. But I can tell you now, it wasn’t weird or awkward at all, it was fun and empowering and I felt sexy as hell. Most importantly, I love all of the photos. ALL OF THEM. They are a beautiful record of my journey and how amazing I felt on the day they were taken – and I am so grateful that they exist to document a stage of my of my life that potentially otherwise could have been left un-documented.

Now I enjoy having my photograph taken and I’m usually the first person to jump into a group shot! The best part of having your photograph taken is seeing the beauty that another person finds in you – and I want you to have that incredible and empowering experience too.


I’ve been honoured to work with some of the most talented and innovative people of our time, pushing the boundaries of the boudoir photography world and focusing on fearless femme fatale inspired strength in both my personal and commercial photography. In 2016 I photographed a campaign for lingerie brand Scantilly that was described by the Huffington Post as ‘one of the world’s most inclusive underwear campaigns‘. I’ve been listed in 21st Century Burlesque’s Top 10 Non-Performing Figures of Burlesque – as voted for by the burlesque community – three times. I’ve achieved critical and international acclaim and had a hell of a lot of fun along the way! Each opportunity throughout the years has allowed my signature style to evolve, lending elements of vintage glamour and theatrical grandeur to the world of lingerie and boudoir photography.

I’m big on bringing the full editorial photography experience to the boudoir set, giving you the freedom to get creative with your shoot, whilst experiencing the same level of attention and detail as the professionals in the editorial lingerie and fashion worlds. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or your first time in front of the camera, every client is equally as important to me and we’ll work together to create a concept for the shoot that is as unique as you are, whilst providing all the help, direction, posing advice and support you need. My goal is to make you feel like royalty in front of my camera.

As well as continuing to shoot, edit and showcase incredible pictures for private clients from all over the world, I’m also striving to bring my own signature brand of fierce female photography to the world of commercial and editorial lingerie; I’ve made it my personal mission! In recent years I’ve had the privilege of shooting commercial projects for clients including The Pretty Dress Company, TatyanaTop Vintage, Kiss Me Deadly, What Katie Did and Elomi to name but a few. Whether you’re looking for someone to completely project manage a shoot from start to finish – sourcing models, stylists and shoot locations – or you’re looking for someone full of passion and creative energy to enhance your vision or concept, I’m your woman.

It would be easy for me to tell you why I think you should invest in me for your shoot, but instead, let me show you. Click on the link below to view a portfolio of some of my recent work, including examples of both editorial and real life boudoir client sessions. You can also find mini interviews with some of my clients on the blog.

And, if you’re sat there right now thinking “this is exactly what I need” or “I’m ready to take the next step in my body confidence journey”, then this is the sign you are looking for. Get in touch right now and book yourself in for the full editorial boudoir experience with me. Let me show you the beauty I see in you.



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