An Interview With: Mid-Century Magpies’ Tamara

Sep 28, 2018

Something I’ve talked about on this blog in the past is the friendliness of the pinup and vintage scenes – and how welcoming I have always found the communities to be. Having spent the best part of a decade exploring the international world of burlesque, its probably not too surprising that I also found myself attending more and more pinup and vintage socials, with the help of some wonderful women who were kind enough to take me under their wing. Tamara Cruisckshanks, one half of the Mid-Century Magpies, is one of the most kind and thoughtful humans I’ve ever met. In today’s blog, its my privilege to introduce you to the inspirational Tamara, along with some of the photos we shot together on the Planet Sputnik makeover day with Miss Victory Violet and Miss Honey Bare.

Tamara of Mid-century Magpies at Tigz Rice x Miss Victory Violet makeover at Planet Sputnik 2018


Occupation: I’m one half of The Mid-Century Magpies, as well as an Account Manager for a facilities company by day.

How would your best friend describe you? Canadian masquerading as a Brit

Name three things that you always carry with you? Red lipstick, my kindle and phone charger!

What inspired you to book a photoshoot? As a lover of all things vintage, when the opportunity arises to shoot at the most amazing 50s bungalow with an amazing photographer who knows how to make you feel fabulous, you take it!

Who would play you in a movie of your life? Someone like cate blanchett , I think she has green eyes as well?!

Whats the most interesting thing about you that the internet doesn’t know about you yet? I used to play in a brass band!

Tamara of Mid-century Magpies at Tigz Rice x Miss Victory Violet makeover at Planet Sputnik 2018

Tell us about one of the outfits you wore for your shoot – Why do you love it? Has to be my What Katie Did corset and my Glamory stockings . It made me feel fierce and beautiful at the same time. Did I mention I love stockings ? Even at work, nice lingerie and stockings are like your own little secret.

What song gets you on the dancefloor? I don’t think I could choose just a song but put on a some swing music and I’m away!

What are you most proud of in your life so far? My career, and the amazing group of women I am proud to call friends.

What is your top body confidence tip? Find a style that you love and the rest will take care of it’s self. Nobody can do you like you!

What will your autobiography be called? The Dress Addict

If you could be a model for any brand, which brand would it be and why? I would very flattered to be considered to model anything vintage/ vintage repro. There are some great brands who make clothes for wide range of body types.

What exciting project are you working on right now? The blog is currently getting an overhaul and we’re starting to plan a relaunch so watch this space!

Tamara of Mid-century Magpies at Tigz Rice x Miss Victory Violet makeover at Planet Sputnik 2018

Want to feel fabulous like Tamara? Our Vintage Makeover Shoots run regularly throughout the year. Click here to see when our next event is and book yourself a session to join us!


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