Laura Payne Stanley of House Of Seductology's Personal Branding Shoot with Branding By Tigz © Tigz Rice Ltd 2021.


Dec 8, 2021 | Interviews, Personal Branding, Personal Branding Interviews

Hello gorgeous! I’m super excited to introduce you to today’s personal branding client because I think you’re all going to absolutely LOVE her. Let me introduce you to Laura Payne-Stanley, founder of House Of Seductology, who embraces the power of neuroscience, marketing – and the missing ingredient of seduction – to help you create your legacy life.

Having just returned from her debut appearance at TEDx (you can find her “What the art of seduction can teach us about customer service” talk here), read on to find out more about this marketing maven and neuroscience-based coach…

Laura Payne Stanley of House Of Seductology's Personal Branding Shoot with Branding By Tigz © Tigz Rice Ltd 2021.


Occupation: Brand Seductologist, Coach & Trusted Advisor.

Tell us your brand elevator pitch! House of Seductology – it’s time to embrace the power of neuroscience, marketing and the missing ingredient of seduction to create a legacy life

What inspired you to start your brand? I was fed up with seeing amazing people in their fields, not being found by clients.  They are like a Michelin star chef up a Welsh mountain, once people find you they keep coming back as you are amazing, but if no one knows you are there and your marketing does facilitate this, no business can thrive. 

Name three things that you always carry with you? Red Lipstick, a drink and my phone, although I’m always misplacing it. 

Do you remember how you originally found me? Rebecca Douglas, someone who I’d had a previous experience with, recommended you and connected us. 

What inspired you to book a photoshoot? I have not had a photoshoot done for a couple of years and needed an image refresh that matched the sassy, fun yet powerful messaging of the brand. 

Who is your dream client? A service-based business who knows that they are good at what they do, no scratch that great at what they do, doesn’t like bro-led push marketing and yet wants to attract their ideal clients to them. 

Tell us about the concept for your personal branding shoot – what was your inspiration? I wanted to play with the concept of femininity and power, the juxtaposition that exists within sexy, confident, powerful and yet vulnerable. All with an underlying smouldering of confidence and inner Vixen. 

Describe your shoot experience? Having had many shoots before, which were all great in their own way……this one was very different.  Tigz not only understood the brief but also had such a deep knowledge of posing and how to direct a non-actor/ model on how to move into those great poses that look amazing on camera.  I will say that next time I hire Tigz, I will make sure to do a Yoga session beforehand and I was aching in muscles I didn’t know I had the day after.

How have your new brand images helped you to become more visible? I adore the images that I have received from the shoot, their of the mix of energies that I was looking for and Tigz also managed to capture the many different sides of my personality that I bring through into the work that I do, soft and caring with clients, powerful as a Coach, cheeky in personality and confidence. 

What are you most proud of in your career so far? One of the activities that I am most proud of is my recent TEDx talk on Seduction, a tricky topic for many to digest when it comes to how any business in any sector can include seduction in their marketing to attract their ideal client. 

What is your top brand shoot tip? Connect with yourself as to what you are looking for in a shoot, then research and be able to articulate not just the look but also of the energy you are looking to create. 

What exciting project are you working on right now? Talking of all things powerful, marketing and seduction especially with my recent TEDx talk, I’m pleased that so many clients are not only joining Brand Seduction, AND they are seeing amazing results as they implement this in their business.  In honour of all things TEDx you can get the course with a 12% discount using TEDx12 at check out

Inspired by Laura’s personal branding shoot?

Get in touch now and let’s make plans for your very own moment in the spotlight. The world is ready for you, gorgeous!


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