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How to Boost your Self-Confidence

Jul 17, 2019 | Empowerment

I’ve talked a lot on this blog already about how a boudoir shoot can go a long way to boost your body confidence, but what about your self-confidence overall? My recent blog post about dating yourself sparked a conversation about investing time into yourself and your wellbeing. Building on that, here are some suggestions on how to further build your self-confidence, both on the outside and from within…

Self-confidence - Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice

Level up with a new course/qualification

Although I have a first class honours degree (illustration) that leaned heavily into the realms of photography and retouching, when I first started out in photography I struggled a LOT with imposter syndrome. I felt that I needed industry validation of my skills, so decided to join a photography society and start working my way through the Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship qualifications. I only ever got as far as my Licentiate qualification back in 2010, but that was enough for me at the time to feel like I could call myself a ‘photographer’ without someone calling me out as a fraud – and also to start charging what I felt I was worth as a photographer. Since then, I regularly invest in workshops and online courses focused around the subject of photography and photographic business to keep me on my creative toes! Whether you’re looking to gain a qualification or simply learn a new skill, there are plenty of options out there to suit every skill level and budget. Ps, if you’re looking for photography and/or retouching training, I offer both, so please get in touch!

Boost your self-confidence with a pole dance/ burlesque class

Finding the self-confidence to be my true authentic self began with me taking a burlesque course. I’d spent too long trying to change my body to conform to media-led and cultural standards until one day I snapped and decided my internal monologue would have to change. Over the 12 week advanced course at The Cheek Of It Burlesque School, I learned the art of striptease, but also how to embrace my sexuality and feel confident in taking up more space in the world. Next on my list: pole dancing.

Self-confidence - Miss Victory Violet
Miss Victory Violet

Boost your self-confidence with a hair/makeup lesson

There’s so much we can do to build confidence on the inside, but every now and then we may want a little something for the outside – and a makeup lesson or hair tutorial can really be worthwhile investing in. Maybe you want to learn how to style vintage hair, or perfect that smokey eye? I can highly recommend Miss Victory Violet‘s vintage hair workshops, which she tours regularly worldwide. I took one of her beginner’s classes in London last year and it massively upped my vintage hair game.

Invest in a life/business coach

Self-confidence (in all its forms) come from within us, but we need to practice for it to come to us naturally. Over recent years, I’ve actively invested in life coaching, business coaching and even some counselling to really evaluate what I wanted to prioritise in my life and how I was going to achieve my goals. Self-reflection isn’t always easy, but I experienced so much growth from the process (perhaps a story for another time) and I’m so much happier in myself for it. As a result, I had the confidence to go after one of my bucket list goals and will be publishing a book within the next couple of months!

Feeling self-confident and ready to take on my camera? Then it’s time to book your own boudoir shoot with me! Find your perfect boudoir shoot package here and then hit me up via the contact page with your preferred date. We’re going to have so much fun!


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